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Posted by on Mar 11, 2015 in Seasonal & Events | 1 comment

6 Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day Family Fun

March 17th, the day many wear green as to not get pinched, sneaky leprechauns are making mischief, and kids everywhere are trying to spot and catch one of these little guys. Many towns have festivals and parades, but how can you bring this fun home and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the family on a budget? Here are 6 tips for some St. Patrick’s Day family fun!

1. Spread lucky love to friends. Prior to the 17th, take the kids and hand out lucky tokens or treats to neighbors, church family and friends. After all, everyone can use a little extra luck now and then. It could be something as simple as handing out green apples, green colored gum or even green Tic Tacs. Homemade treats turned green with food coloring, or cookies and brownies with green candies baked inside are sure to please. Feeling crafty? Have the kids make green colored Loom bracelets to hand out so they don’t get pinched!

2. Fill everyone’s shoes with treats. The night before, have everyone leave out a pair of shoes and see if the leprechaun fills them treats and tokens. Simple things you may have purchased using coupons, items from your stockpile, or trinkets found at dollar stores. Start this tradition with the family and I am sure the kids will be happy.

3. Set out a Leprechaun trap and try to catch that pesky little creature! My kids do this each and every year. A box, a stick and something to lure him in. Unfortunately, we have never been able to catch a leprechaun even though we see signs that he was present. I think they must move at lightning speed or have magic powers. Get the kids’ creative juices flowing and have them come up with trap ideas on their own and even decorating the box the day before to entice the leprechaun. We know they can’t resist gold and rainbows!

4.  Have a treasure hunt. Quick! The leprechaun has left treasures throughout the house and we need to find them. Use covered chocolate coins or plastic coins as your treasure. Just make sure if you use chocolate you know where you hid them all or you may find yourself cleaning a chocolate mess down the road. Give the kids clues or just set them free. Think about hiding places such as on top of condiment containers, inside drawers and shoes! They can even turn in the plastic coins for real coins in the end.

5. Spread lucky love notes throughout the house. Cut shamrocks out of craft paper and have everyone write notes of why they are lucky to have other family members. Tape these throughout the house for the month of March so everyday everyone is reminded of what family truly means.

6. Serve green grub for luck. Have a meal made of greens! Even foods such as mashed potatoes and milk can be turned into a green surprise with a little food coloring. For breakfast let the family have Lucky Charms cereal and green milk.

There are many ways to bring the family together. It is never too late to start a new tradition. Get creative and go green!

Guest blogger Tiffany Taff is a DealPro and blogs for her website, She shares tips on clipping coupons, pinching pennies, and learning thrifty tips for living life and loving family.

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