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Posted by on Dec 3, 2015 in How To | 0 comments

How to Achieve Your Life Goals (At Last)

goal setting-BTB

As one year winds down, another begins, and all the years start to blur together, people start assessing – and stressing about – long-term aims. Since only 8 percent of people stick with a New Year’s resolution, it’s important to lay the groundwork to achieve life goals. 

Surveys show most people stay stuck because of three stumbling blocks: they lack motivation, they don’t create a game plan, and they lack the knowledge needed to move ahead.

Gaining know-how is the easy part. These days you can learn on your own time with a book or audio book, take online classes and participate in mentorships. Making it real, though, requires six concrete steps. According to the website, the process begins with writing: 

There are short term goals and long term goals. Write them down, most preferably in a diary that you should be carrying around with you and arrange them in order of ‘urgent and important’, and those that marry into each other…

Read the full article. 

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