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Posted by on Jan 17, 2018 in Guest Posts, Wedding & Bridal | 0 comments

6 Reasons Not to Spend a Ton on Your Man’s Wedding Ring

wedding ring

After your man pops the question, you’ll be admiring your engagement ring any chance you can get. While your eyes are glued to your new glitzy rock, it may come as a surprise that your soon-to-be-husband won’t necessarily feel the same enthusiasm about his wedding band.

Your beau will lovingly sport his wedding band for the rest of his life as a testament of his love and commitment to you, but he won’t be flaunting it in the same manner you did with your engagement ring. Here’s why you shouldn’t shell out all your cash on your beau’s wedding band.

  • He might damage it.
  • He might lose it.
  • He works with his hands.
  • He isn’t flashy.
  • He is frugal.
  • He is indifferent to jewelry.

Men’s wedding bands come in an array of metals, from traditional platinum and gold to alternative metals like tungsten and palladium. Each of these metals have different properties with their own little list of pros and cons. When buying a ring for your fiancé, do your research on the properties of each metal to make sure that you are choosing the best ring for your man’s lifestyle.

For instance, platinum is the most durable metal and is recommended for those who work with their hands. Gold is a softer, less durable metal that wears down over time. Metals like titanium, palladium and tungsten look great and stand up to wear and tear, but you may have to visit a specialized jeweler to get them fixed or cleaned.

If your fiancé is an active man, there’s a chance that he might lose his wedding band, whether on an weekend excursion or a morning jog. Don’t worry yourself with investing a ton on his ring. Instead buy him a utilitarian wedding ring that is affordable and handsome — and be sure to have the ring insured, just in case it gets lost later on down the road.

If your future husband works with his hands, the chances that he will damage or lose his wedding band while on the job increase considerably. Keep his day-to-day activities in mind when making the decision to purchase his wedding band. As noted above, you’ll want to purchase a platinum band if you’re concerned with damage. If you worry about him losing the ring, just add the band to your homeowner’s insurance.

If your future husband doesn’t necessarily appreciate the finer things and is more of a down-to-earth guy, then eschew glitzy jewelry for something more pragmatic and affordable. He won’t be happy with an ostentatious ring, so buy him a wedding band that echoes his more sensible taste.

If your fiancé has always been a thrifty spender, then buying him a high-end piece of jewelry might make him feel uncomfortable. You want your future husband to wear his ring with pride and not worry about the price point. Opt for something like a wooden band, which is a simple, rustic option that won’t break the bank.

Some men are unconcerned with jewelry and might not necessarily have an idea of their personal taste. If this is the case with your beau, then know that no matter what kind of ring he ends up with, he will be happy. There’s no need to buy the most expensive wedding band in the store when he will be fine with something utilitarian. Remember, the ring is just the symbol for your undying love.

Marissa Hermanson is an expert on engagement and wedding advice and has been published on The Knot, Southern Living, Cosmopolitan and more. She uses her expertise to write for Larson Jewelers, an online jeweler offering durable and affordable jewelry like titanium wedding bands.