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Posted by on Sep 28, 2017 in Guest Posts, Holiday, How To | 0 comments

7 DIY Décor Ideas to Get Your Home Halloween Ready

DIY HalloweenOctober means crisp air, piles of leaves, pumpkin everything — and Halloween. With loads of great fall DIY projects, it can be overwhelming to find those that speak to your style while coming in under budget.

To get you in the mood, we’ve rounded up some easy, affordable ideas to get your home ready for Halloween, including elegant entryways, frightfully fun lawn ornaments, and fun, kid-friendly décor.

Chic Bewitching Projects Without Witches

Instead of dealing with the typical mess involved in pumpkin carving (and disposal), find a few plastic or foam pumpkins to decorate. While this works with real pumpkins as well, if you use materials that last, you’ll be able to make use of your designs for years to come.

Our favorite DIY pumpkin designs include coating the whole pumpkin in orange glitter, painting the pumpkin (check out these chic stripes), and adhering your own style to the body of the pumpkin. For example, you can find packs of black spiders at the dollar store to glue to a pumpkin you’ve painted white for an upscale scare or you can go with a masquerade theme by affixing a sequined mask, beading, and lace to a solid color pumpkin.

You can use these classier designs to decorate your home and entry way. To top it off, add a putka pod wreath to your front door. All you need to create the shrunken pumpkin look is a foam wreath, hot glue, several cups of putka pods, and something with which to hang the wreath (twine, burlap, lace, or ribbon all work well), which you can get at a place like Joann.

DIY Halloween

Once you have your supplies, simply glue the putka pods to the wreath working in sections and layering the pods until the foam is completely covered. Keep in mind that you probably won’t need to add pods to the back of the wreath unless it will be hanging in front of glass or a mirror. We liked the look of the thicker burlap wrapped around the wreath as a loop for hanging it, but you could also glue a loop of ribbon to the wreath instead.

Creepy Tutorials to Scare the Neighbors

We found several great projects for transforming your home into a haunting sight. First, swap out your usual exterior lighting for these Halloween lanterns. Pick up four black picture frames per lantern from the dollar store (although you could make three frames work for a different lantern shape). You’ll also need to find some creepy images to transfer on the glass of each frame, and we suggest sticking with a theme for each lantern — old medical imagery or scary fantasy creatures work well. Follow the tutorial for the details, but once your lantern is complete, pop a battery-operated tea light inside for a frightful glow.

DIY Halloween

On Halloween, consider making the most of your front lawn and entry way by turning it into a complete setting to scare the neighbors. You could go the route of classic crime scene realness with a blood splatter kit, and add on a Spirit Halloween coupon to help you save when stocking up on décor (or costumes). You could also put your own take on a horror movie or TV show such as a zombie theme with some dismembered body parts popping up out of your grass.

Gather the Kiddos for Some Halloween Fun

Of course, Halloween wouldn’t be complete without kids shouting, “Trick or treat?” We found quite a few kid-friendly ideas for decorating the house.

We loved this simple toilet paper roll tutorial for creating watchful eyes for the bushes around your house. You’ll need multiple, empty rolls, electrical tape, scissors, glow sticks, and a pencil for sketching eye designs on the rolls (you can find templates for these online if you need help). Once you trace the eyes on the toilet paper roll, the kids can cut out the shapes. Activate a glow stick and place it in the roll, but be sure to tape off the sides so the glow only comes through the cut-out eye shapes.

DIY Halloween

Whether you’re throwing a party or looking for a fun way to hand out candy, these tissue paper pumpkins are an adorable way for kids to get more involved. Just remember to use wrapped candy, especially if you’re handing them out on Halloween.

Lastly, commemorate the occasion by framing pictures of the kids’ costumes. Our favorite DIY frame is easy for little hands to help with. The dollar store or a bulk store, like Oriental Trading, is great for getting big packs of googly eyes, spiders, and frames — the key elements of this project. Simply glue these adornments to the frame, and, to elevate the look of your frame, consider working in layers to completely cover your frame.

Welcome Halloween with Affordable Decorations

As the change in season ushers in chilly weather, Halloween offers a chance to have a little fun. Whether you’re the kind of person who has already planned a costume for October 31 or someone who’s just looking to get in the spirit a little early this year, these ideas will help you celebrate without breaking the bank.

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