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Posted by on Feb 16, 2015 in Seasonal & Events | 2 comments

7 Playful Acts of Kindness


Play matters! All kids deserve a chance to play. Yet many of today’s kids – especially the 16 million living in poverty – aren’t getting the balanced and active play they need to thrive.

Valpak is proud to announce we’re teaming up with the nonprofit KaBOOM! to “ensure that kids have the opportunity to play every day, everywhere.” Since 1995, KaBOOM! has constructed more than 2,000 playgrounds in North America and inspired a movement for children’s rights to play.

The “Valpak Saves” campaign hopes to raise awareness and support KaBOOM!’s mission to inspire play and healthy living within our communities. Throughout the year we will be providing helpful ideas on how you can incorporate play into your everyday life.

To kick things off, KaBOOM! shares their thoughts on some simple activities you can do with your kids for some good-natured fun in your community.

From the KaBoom! Blog:
Here at KaBOOM!, we know all about the joys of spontaneous play. Whether you want to call them playful acts of kindness or random acts of play, here are seven ways to make friends and strangers smile:

1. Give a high five—or five!
It’s impossible not to feel energized after a high five. Use this as an excuse to give out as many high fives as possible, to strangers and friends alike.

2. Draw a hopscotch board on the sidewalk.
Turn someone’s routine walk into a hop, skip, and a jump by sketching out a hopscotch board with sidewalk chalk. For extra fun, target a business district to inject some play into the daily grind.

DSC_2924_Edit_original_lowres3. Give classic toys to adults and kids in need.
Know an adult who takes life too seriously? A kid who needs more playtime? Slip them one of those irresistible good old-fashioned toys, like a Slinky, Etch a Sketch, rubber ball, or blob of Silly Putty.

4. Carry bubbles with you.
Waiting in line at the ATM? Waiting at the bus stop? Waiting to cross the street? Break out some bubbles to pass the time and inject a soapy dose of silliness into a stranger’s day.

5. Create a pop-up playground.
Bring cardboard boxes and other found objects to a park, plaza, or other public space near you. Let your kids start building and creating, and encourage curious onlookers to get in on the fun.

6. Leave painted rocks in unexpected locations.
Turn frowns upside down by painting cheerful faces on rocks and “hiding” them throughout your neighborhood.

7. Take a group of kids to the playground.
Every kid needs some playtime, and every parent needs some “me” time. Make everyone happy by offering to take your friends’ kids to the playground. While you’re there, get in a bonus act of kindness by teaching the kids a new outdoor game. (Need ideas?)

kaboom logo

Join us in supporting this worthy cause! For as little as $5, you can help Valpak and KaBOOM! give kids the playful childhood they deserve. Give today at


  1. I agree with you, the play is very important for kids. It is a good idea that you are thinking about providing facility to kids for play every day, everywhere. Moreover, I totally agree with your points. Today time kids are not taking balanced diet. In addition, Games and activities will keep them health and fit. I want to say thanks to KAMBOO Community who thinks about kids. It is a superb blog.

  2. I love these ideas. I am raising my two youngest grandchildren and have often found myself overwhemed. It’s hard at times to come up with creative ideas to keep them busy. These ideas are so simple and I find my head swimming with simple things I did with my own children. When I gather them together, I plan on sending them in, not only to help my babies, but other children as well!

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