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Posted by on Apr 27, 2015 in Fashion, Savings Advice | 3 comments

7 Smart Ways to Sell Clothes Online

It’s starting to feel like spring, which means you’re probably thinking about your spring wardrobe. When you go through your closets and swap out sweaters for shorts, take a minute to pull out any clothing items you no longer want to wear or your kids have outgrown.

Then, use these tips to sell those clothes online and put some spring in your step and cash in your pocket. If you’d rather exchange your old clothes for new ones, I’ve also got some great clothing swap ideas.

Ready to make money off your old clothes?


1. Sell to Online Consignment Stores
If you’ve got brand-name clothing in good condition, it’s time to take a look at online consignment stores. These stores sell your gently used clothes and offer you either cash or store credit you can use toward new-to-you items.

Selling via online consignment is one of the easiest ways to turn your fashion into cash. Use the prepaid shipping envelopes provided by the consignment store to send in your clothes, and then wait for the payments to arrive as your clothing is sold.

Look at online consignment retailers like Tradesy, Twice and Recycle Your Fashions to learn more about their individual policies and what types of clothing do best on each site.

2. Join a “Posh Party”
Online clothing store Poshmark is similar to other consignment stores, but with a twist: The site is all about building community among its users, and invites users to sell clothing directly to each other in what are called “Posh Parties.” As the FAQ explains: “Posh Parties are real-time virtual shopping events where fashion lovers (like you!) meet up in the Poshmark app to shop, share and sell clothing and accessories.”

During a Posh Party, you can show off your best clothes and answer questions from potential buyers. With any luck, you’ll leave your party a little bit richer.

3. Sell Vintage Clothing Separately
Many consignment stores only want recent fashions, meaning if you have vintage clothing or jewelry — especially items your parents or grandparents might have worn — you need to find a specialty online retailer.

Consider selling truly antique items on Etsy. If you have a specific kind of vintage item, see which consignment stores incorporate that item into their listings; Tradesy, for example, resells vintage bags.

You’ll find plenty of ways to sell vintage clothing online, so look for sites that specialize in vintage before you sell. That way, you’re more likely to get the best price for your items.

4. Start an eBay Store
Want to take control of the online selling process yourself? Set up a clothing store on eBay and start selling your used clothes, shoes and accessories.

An eBay store is different from your average eBay listing. With a store, you get to create a storefront and arrange your page layout in a way that attracts potential buyers. Start with eBay’s guide to building a store to learn more about your options.

Then, get ready to create the best storefront possible. Make sure each photograph you upload presents your clothing in its most flattering light, and consider using mannequins to display your clothing. Take a look at other clothing storefronts, figure out what looks good and use what you learn to design your own store and display your items. Other storefronts also give you good cues on how much to charge for various articles of clothing.

5. Check Out Facebook Garage Sale Groups
Prefer to sell your clothes within a local area? It’s time to find your local Facebook garage sale group.

Go to the Facebook search bar and type in “garage sale group” to find groups in your area. Some groups even focus on specific brand or types of clothing, like kids’ clothes or Lululemon athletic items. Once you’ve found your group, learn its rules and begin selling your clothing to other Facebook users who live nearby.

You can also sell other household items in Facebook garage sale groups, so if your spring cleaning turns up some extra furniture or kitchen gadgets, list those as well. Plus, you can use the groups to find great deals on items you need for your own home. And who knows — you might end up making some new friends!

6. Use Facebook to Organize a Clothing Swap
Garage sale groups aren’t the only way to use Facebook to give away your old clothing. Why not set up a Facebook invite for a clothing swap?

Swap clothes with other local parents who have kids around the same age, or invite a group of your friends to meet at your house, drink mimosas and swap gently used outfits. Use Facebook to take care of the online logistics and then have fun swapping clothes in person.

7. Trade Your Clothes for Items You Need
Let’s say you’ve got a jean jacket and you want a new trash can. It’s time to visit Swapdom, where you trade your old stuff for new stuff you need. Swapdom organizes what are called circle swaps, in which everyone in the circle has an item that another person in the circle wants, and people trade until everyone is satisfied.

Take a look at Swapdom and consider turning last season’s shoes into a birthday present for your best friend, or turn clothes your kids have outgrown into a new video game they can enjoy.

What are some of the best sites you’ve found for selling clothes online? Do you have any tips for would-be sellers?

Kyle Taylor is founder of The Penny Hoarder, a popular blog about weird ways to earn and save money. His blog is read by more than 4 million readers a month and has been featured on, ABC News, Men’s Health and Woman’s World magazine.


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  2. I wanted to mention if you have children you can sell your kids clothing at liljellyebans. They pay you up front for your stuff. They even take toys. Its awesome.

  3. These are great tips on selling used clothes! Poshmark is an app that makes the process simple and easy, too.

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