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Posted by on Jan 11, 2016 in In The News | 0 comments

7 Things to Buy if You Win a Powerball Jackpot

powerball BTB

OK, so you didn’t win the record-breaking Powerball Jackpot. Before you kick yourself for shelling out for the office pool, remember the odds were 1 in 292.2 million. But dreams are free, right? So go ahead and buy that ticket for the next drawing and think about what you could afford if you had been the sole winner of a $1.6 billion-dollar prize, on the personal I preffer to stick with online gambling, or fantasy sportsbook on which I found myself being very accurate, check my winning football tips

A Place to Hang Your Hat

Buying a new house is the top wish for lottery winner-wannabes. What’s up for sale right now? Tom Cruise’s Hollywood Hills compound is selling for $12.9 million; RHONJ Teresa Giudice’s Monteville Township, NJ, Tudor-style manse is up for a mere $3 million. Or buy the Playboy Mansion. Yep, Viagra Central is on the market for $33 million. The catch is, Hef comes with it.

For the rest of us: Plan a trip to a famous estate like Graceland in Nashville; John D. Rockefeller’s Kykuit in Sleepy Hollow, NY; or the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC.

Become a Jet-setter

Hop between your homes and bucket list destinations any time you like. A Learjet or Gulfstream will run you between $3 and $45 million, plus $100,000 to $200,000 a year for an aircraft maintenance company to keep it at the ready. Or be frugal and buy a fractional ownership in a plane, about $1 million for the typical 5-year term.

For the rest of us:  Save money to fly from Point A to Point B using travel coupons.

Conquer the Seas

Buy a yacht. Go ahead! You can buy a decent 25-footer for about $50,000, or have your own superyacht built for $1 billion, complete with basketball court, cinema, helipad and mini submarines. Remember to add the cost of a captain, crew and keeping that 224,000-gallon fuel tank topped off. Other options: a megacruise. Charter the 112-passenger the SeaDream I or SeaDream II and see the Caribbean like a celebrity for $500,000 per week. Or take a 102-day cruise around the Pacific on Crystal Cruises’ Crystal. The penthouse suite will only set you back $199,000.

For the rest of us: Check out or, or book a cruise through Cheap Caribbean coupon codes.

Buy an Island

Want to own a piece of paradise? Owning a private island is the ultimate. Sir Richard Branson reportedly paid just $180,000 for Necker Island but the average price range is $80,000 to $600 million, here you can find a large offering of live casino games to play; Let’s hope the real winners are smart enough to avoid the siren’s call of excess. Study up on the lingo: freehold leases vs. lease-hold. remember what they say about money-pits: transportation, building an infrastructure, and even getting groceries to your island will be a lot more expensive. You really don’t want to live like Gilligan.

For the rest of us, visiting an island is just fine. Check out travel discounts at Travelocity coupons.

Go into Space

Branson’s Virgin Galactic suborbital space adventure reservations are going for about $200,000, with several celebrities like Ashton Kutcher putting down deposits. If you’re the gambling type check at this fantasy baseball online game, it’s not gambling if you trust on your prediction skills, so you could always blow the wad on a moonwalk. A new startup, Golden Spike Company is trying to put together $900 million trips to the moon, complete with moonwalks for two.

For the rest of us: For about $5,000 you can experience weightlessness in a plane called the Vomit Comet (used to film the weightless scenes in Apollo 13) through a company called Zero G.

New Wheels

Want to trade in your Chevy for something a little smoother? You’ll have no problem plunking down the keys to a 2015 Ferrari FF ($295,000) a Rolls-Royce Ghost ($319,400) or a Bentley Mulsanne ($335,600.00). Or several.

For the rest of us: Check out a good used car in AutoTrader.

A Wardrobe to Die For

Think of it! You will be catapulted into fame and, for about 15 minutes, invited to some cool parties. Oh, dear, what to wear! No problem, you can afford your own stylist and some pretty fancy clothes, including the $49,400 Hermes Pliplat crocodile clutch for women and the cashmere and diamond-accented Stuart Hughes Diamond Suit for about $892,500.

For the rest of us: Find in-house personal stylists at Nordstrom, Macy’s, JCrew and others.  Snap up used designer purses (in great shape) for a fraction of the price at YOOX and Tradesy.

If it makes you feel any better than you didn’t win the big one, remember that lotteries have been fraught with tragedy from drug addiction to moochers to lawsuits from people who were one spot behind you in line. Count your blessings, think of what else you could have bought with the $2 you spent, and toast your ordinary life with some cheap Champagne.

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