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Posted by on Jun 18, 2019 in Seasonal & Events | 1 comment

7 Ways to Celebrate Pride Month

Pride Month is here, and the LGBTQ community has much to celebrate. Pride Month is held in June to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall Riots, the first gay rights demonstrations in America. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the protests that launched a social movement. From concerts to parades, this month-long party attracts millions of participants across the globe. Check out these 7 ways to celebrate Pride Month.

Learn About LGBTQ History

The LGBTQ community has come a long way. The world wasn’t always as open and accepting as it is today. There are many resources available to learn something new about LGBTQ history including books, documentaries and even museums. Pride Month is only a reality because of the strength and courage of gay rights activists.

Wear Inclusive Clothing

Show you care about Pride Month with LGBTQ-friendly clothing. Many major retailers sell pride gear and have a variety of items. Companies in such industries as telecommunications, automotive and fashion are all incorporating pride into their ads and June products.

Support LGBTQ-Friendly Businesses

Is your local nightclub hosting a pride event? Does that new restaurant have a pride flag hanging outside the door? These are all great opportunities to help LGBTQ-friendly companies. Since the LGBTQ community is often marginalized in society, it’s important to invest and patronize in their businesses.

Hit Up A Pride Concert

In many cities, there are pride concerts in addition to annual pride celebrations. These concerts are usually free to the public and host diverse LGBTQ artists. Celebrate Pride Month while discovering some new music and supporting the community.

Volunteer or Donate with LGBTQ Organizations

Are you interested in getting involved with LGBTQ activism? Donate or even volunteer with your local organizations. From improving rights to providing resources and protecting the community, these nonprofits offer many ways to be a part of the movement.

Host a Pride Party

A great way to celebrate Pride Month is to host a party. You’ll want to have some rainbow-colored décor and supplies such as flags and fans. You can save big on a variety of pride items from Century Novelty with our coupon codes.

Attend a Pride Parade

There are hundreds of cities that all host pride events in June. Attend your local pride parade or make a vacation out of it and travel somewhere new. Pride parades are a chance to catch up with old friends, meet new ones and celebrate just how far the community has come in 50 years.

We’re so lucky to live in a time when LGBTQ people have a voice and can be heard. Whether you’re LGBTQ or an ally, Pride Month is the best time to show your support. Valpak is proud to sponsor st pete pride this weekend! If you’re a St. Petersburg local, be sure to it check out.

Joe Healy is a content marketing expert who enjoys traveling and leading an active lifestyle. 



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