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Posted by on May 21, 2019 in Seasonal & Events | 0 comments

7 Ways to Save on Your College Grad’s Party

College graduation is an exciting time in your young adult’s life. They’re finally done with school and ready to take on the world! What better way to celebrate all their hard work than throwing a party? Between booking a venue, catering and entertainment, grad party costs can add up quickly. But the truth is, your grad doesn’t need all of that to validate their accomplishments. You’re the one who’s been supporting them this whole time and they know that all too well. So, skip the frills and save on your college grad’s party with these 7 ideas.

Keep It Small

The number of guests you invite will have a huge impact on the cost of the party. Is it necessary to invite their entire graduating class? Probably not. Consider throwing a more intimate party with only close friends and family. Keeping the guest list small will cut costs on everything from the venue to the food.

Send Digital Invites

Fancy invitations on custom stationary are a nice touch… for a wedding. You don’t need to blow your budget on lavish invites for a grad party, especially if it isn’t a formal affair. Send out digital invitations or even create a Facebook event. This will help you provide updates about the party and keep track of invitations.

Put Your Chef Hat On

If you’ve raised a kid all the way to college graduation, your skills in the kitchen are probably adept by now. Ditch the caterer and cook the food for the party yourself. You’ll want to think of food ideas that can feed many people for cheap. This would be a great time to utilize your grill or crockpot. Stock up on supplies beforehand and take advantage of any grocery coupons.

Skip the Fancy Venue

Probably the most expensive part of a grad party is booking the venue. If your home can handle it, consider throwing the party there instead. If you live in a neighborhood with a community room, that’s a great option as well. Keep in mind, many times you’ll have to reserve those in advance.

Make a Playlist

Hiring a DJ or band to perform at the party is overkill. You probably already have a Bluetooth speaker and an iTunes account. All you need to do is make a playlist. Set it and forget it! Think about what your grad usually listens to and maybe add in some top 40 as well.

DIY Decorations

Decorations can still be tasteful and memorable without breaking the bank. Instead of going to a party store, consider going to the local Dollar Tree. From balloons to paper plates, the Dollar Tree has everything you need at a fraction of the normal cost.

Co-host the Party

Chances are, your grad probably has a close friend or two who’s graduating with them. Propose co-hosting a shared party instead of separate ones. Having one large party with double the budget will give you a lot more wiggle room.

Whether your grad went to community college or the Ivy League, a graduation party is a perfect way to show them how proud you are! Follow these tips and you’ll cut your party costs dramatically.

Joe Healy is a content marketing expert who enjoys traveling and leading an active lifestyle. 

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