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Posted by on Nov 13, 2015 in Seasonal & Events, Shopping | 0 comments

8 Black Friday Shopping Tips for Newbies

Newbie Black Friday- BTB


The countdown is on to the biggest shopping day of the year. If you’re a newbie to Black Friday shopping, the sheer logistics can be overwhelming: Online vs. in-store. Where to go first. How to weigh price against availability.

Check out these 8 tips to make the day go more smoothly.

  1. Set your priorities: Make that budget and holiday gift list, and then rank your most-wanted items from most to least important. Decide what you can buy early, what to buy on Black Friday, and what can wait until the weekend and Cyber Monday.
  2. Do a ton of research:  Get a handle on what’s hot and what’s not this season. If a mega-popular item is a must-have on your list, consider buying it online now and paying a few extra dollars. Then go to the stores on Black Friday for lower-priority items.
  3. Look online first:  Items online are usually available longer and in bigger quantities than what you’ll find in the stores. Many retailers have already lowered their prices in what they call Pre-Black Friday.
  4. Put together your in-store strategy:  Large department stores with multiple floors, like Macy’s, can be pretty intimidating, especially in a crowd. Start on the floor that has your most-coveted items and work your way around.
  5. Online or in-store?:  You can do both! Pay attention to which deals are in-store only, online specials, or equal both ways. If you shop online, you’ll find more of what you need; if you shop in-store, you have access to doorbusters and items sold only in stores.
  6. Compare prices:  At the very least, compare prices and items. Use the PriceJump app. If you find what you like, see if there is a coupon code that is site-wide, or offers for some other deal like free shipping. Snag your most-wanted Christmas presents early, especially the popular ones.
  7. Do an early reconnaissance mission:  And, yes, approach it as a mission! If you’re planning to shop inside a large department store, such as Target, it helps to know the layout before Black Friday. It sounds hardcore, but seconds count when you’re in a huge crowd of people. If there are several brick-and-mortar stores on your list, hit the one with sell-out items first.
  8. Always demand the best price:  If you end up buying online and the price is lower in the store – or at a competitor – read up on the store’s price-matching policy. You may have a certain amount of time to get a refund for the difference. Or buy the item online first and if it’s offered for less when you get to the store, return the online purchase. Double-check all policies on returns and return-shipping charges first.

Black Friday will be over in a flash. Do as much homework as you can upfront, approach the day strategically, and plan a nice way to relax afterward – knowing you’ve finished most of your holiday shopping.


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