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Posted by on Aug 21, 2018 in Home & Garden | 0 comments

8 Landscaping Tips for Pet Owners

Moving into a new home with pets can sometimes be tricky to get everyone situated and comfortable with their new surroundings. Pet owners should consider these landscaping tips to make the adjustment to a new space as smooth as possible for everyone.

1. Have A Dedicated Green Space

Moving into a new home can be confusing for some pets. Make sure that pets know where they can relieve themselves in order to cut down on accidents inside the home. Take your pet outdoors on a leash and keep to the same area so that the pet gets used to using that area of the lawn to do their business.

2. Fence Properly

Living in a new home can cause stress in many pets. Make sure that your pet has a safe but secure place to run and play at your new home. Adequate fencing is important in keeping your pet safe and discourages them from running away in a new neighborhood. A properly secured fence will also keep neighborhood dogs from scaling the fence to meet your dog unattended. Head over to Home Depot for fencing options!

3. Provide Shade

Most moves happen during the summer, making a new move for a pet not only anxiety inducing but also quite hot. Help overheated pets find shade by providing them with a space that has enough mature trees or shrubs that can provide relief from the hot summer sun. Other options would be to include cool areas for rest like dirt or bark dust to keep dogs from getting too hot.

4. Choose Natural Mulch

Keep landscaped areas of your new home safe by choosing to use natural weed preventing options instead of harmful chemicals such as mulch. Surround trees and plants with bark dust or grass clippings in order to keep weeds at bay while also keeping chemicals out of your pet’s environment. Doing so will allow you to help the environment as well as keep your pet healthy.

5. Check for Toxic Plants

Most pets won’t try to eat certain plants but make sure that the landscaping in your home doesn’t include plants that could be toxic to pets. Sago Palm is notoriously toxic to pets as well as many other plants that are commonly used in landscaping. Keeping an eye on your pet during the first few weeks at your new home is the best way to keep them safe. Make sure to immediately pull any kind of plant or root that they have in order to lessen the chance of them ingesting harmful toxins.

6. Eliminate Standing Water

Making sure that your pet’s area is safe for both you and your pet is important when enjoying your new backyard. You should check for areas of standing water, as these are great breeding grounds for mosquitoes.. Heartworms are especially dangerous for dogs and can be contracted through mosquitoes. Make sure to keep your pet safe by making your outdoor area unwelcoming for neighborhood mosquitoes.

7. Discourage Digging

Stressed pets may choose to dig in a new backyard as a sign of nervousness. Make sure to reassure pets in their new home and spend a lot of extra time with them during the transition of a move. Check that pets aren’t trying to dig under a fence line or too deep in the yard. Pets could easily dig too far down and hit a power or phone line that could cause severe harm.

8. Clean Up Messes

Part of keeping your outdoor living area clean includes cleaning up after pets on a regular basis. Allowing pet messes to sit on a lawn will not only kill the grass but will also encourage messes to enter your new home. Make sure to keep pet messes at a minimum on the lawn in order to ensure a healthy lawn year-round.

Make sure to keep these tips in mind when moving to a new home. Keeping pets safe and making sure that they feel comfortable in their new surroundings is important. Use natural enhancers in the lawn to keep the area free from potentially harmful chemicals as well. Make sure to do all of these things to help your pet feel welcomed in their new home.

Mike Fitzgerald is an outdoor living expert and explorer with his sidekick dog, Champion. When he’s not traveling to nature’s most well-known beauty spots, he tends to the greenery surrounding his home.