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Posted by on Dec 2, 2015 in How To | 0 comments

8 Mind Hacks That Will Change Your Life Instantly


Is stress eating away at you?  Pick up a book, then schedule some keyboard time. 

Writing down your frustrations can lead to life-long solutions. So can reading what worked for others.  Antoine Ribordy did both. He challenged himself to read 30 self-help books in the span of a month and gained some breakthrough insights about his life. He recalls in the blog Dumb Little Man that reading and writing led him to create eight simple but effective mind hacks that work the minute you try them. 

Finding out the 20% of activities I need to focus on first and foremost has taken a lot of pressure and stress out of my life. It gives me focus. I don’t have to run around like a headless chicken any more.

Read all 8 Dumb Little Man mind hacks. 

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