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Posted by on Dec 28, 2015 in Fashion, Shopping | 0 comments

8 Stunning Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings

BTB quartz ring

If you just got engaged, or plan to get hitched in the coming year, you probably know the ring can be a big part of the cost. It doesn’t have to be. You don’t need a white diamond to celebrate forever. Here are a few unusual stones to consider for affordable, alternative engagement rings.


Black diamond solitaires.  It’s the most unexpected twist on traditional, and very striking. Get this one in-store or online at Sears.

engagement black diamond sears EZPZ



Choose your favorite color. This rose quartz and rose gold ring reflects a beloved hue of this bride-to-be.

engagement - quartz EZPZ




Unconventional beauty. Make the diamond the side dish, not the main course, like this Australian opal ring.

engagement- opal EZPZ



Similarly, the hammered design of untreated white gold, below, is as important an element as the diamond it surrounds. This ring was designed by the bride and groom, and made in Antwerp, Belgium.

samantha ring


Meaningful gems. Birthstone rings have come a long way from high school promise rings. Why not incorporate them into your design? You can also go by mythological and historical meanings. Or pair groups of stones representing the month you met and the month you plan to marry. Design your own at a reasonable cost using coupon codes for B2C Jewels and Gemvara.

engagement - birthstone EZPZSomething blue. While they come in many colors, including clear, blue sapphires have always been a beautiful substitute for a diamond and are almost as hard on the Mohs hardness scale. They have been a famous diamond substitute for a long time, and have recently been popularized by Britain’s Princess Kate and her late mother-in-law, Diana.

engagement- sapphire EZPZ



Antique rings. Especially from an era you both love, these can be far more meaningful than a modern-cut stone in a cookie-cutter setting.

engagement ruby heart ring



Nontraditional style. You’d be amazed how many brides are choosing simple yet modern designs in moonstone, sunstone, lapis, turquoise and Morganite. All are making their way up the heart chart. Find them at specialty jewelers, on Ebay and on Etsy.  Unusual stones, such as the Labradorite ring by London designer Monica Vinader shown below, are available online. You can even use coupon codes!

engagement- labradorite- monica vinader EZPZ

You’ll personalize your wedding; why not think outside the box and wear a symbol of everlasting love that is uniquely you, too?

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