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Posted by on Mar 21, 2016 in Fashion | 0 comments

8 Tips for Buying Clothes Online

buying clothes online BTB

There are times you really want to go to the mall: holidays, rushing from work to that baby shower you forgot about, and when you really, really need to try something on this second because there’s zero room for error (like an outfit for tonight’s date). But overall, buying clothes online is a good idea to save time and money. From basic tees to high-end clothes, here are a few reasons to shop from your laptop of phone:

You get great prices and selection. Many items are online-only and may offer online-only pricing. You save the most when you use a coupon website as your portal to shop the store, then click the Sale, Deal of the Day or Clearance tab to score the best prices.

It’s generally safe. Cyber-security issues exist everywhere from the gas pump to the brick-and-mortar store. Stick with well-known websites with addresses that start with https and feature the lock symbol on the payment page. Use a credit card or Paypal to add a layer of security.

Get the fit. Stick to names you know and pay attention to buyer reviews to get an idea if an item is true to size, or runs larger or smaller than the tag size. If you’re still hesitant, you can’t go wrong with basics like tees and sweaters.

Here are 8 more indispensable tips for shopping for clothes online like a pro.

This article first appeared on US News.

No longer do we have to brave crowded shopping malls, struggle to reach high-hung tops and wait in long checkout lines. As children of the digital age, we now have the option to spare ourselves the hassle of shopping in-store by purchasing clothing online.

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