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Posted by on Aug 5, 2013 in Back To School | 0 comments

8 Tips to Getting You and Your Child Ready for Back to School

back-to-tips-frugal-coupon-living-valpakCan you believe it? We are already uttering the phrase “back to school.” Where does the summer time go?  Now is not too early to begin preparing your home and child for the upcoming school year. By following the simple tips below, the first day of school might produce a smile on your face that lasts long into the week!

1. Begin your Weekly Routine

For most summer brings delayed bedtimes, relaxed meal schedules, and an unstructured day. When getting ready for the back to school routine, map out your school year day by the hour. Pay close attention to times to wake, eat and go to bed. Your goal is to get closer to these times as the first day of school approaches. If you a have a late sleeper, it isn’t a bad idea to begin waking them 15 to 30 minutes earlier each day a few weeks before the school year begins.

2. Have a Central Family Calendar

In order to keep your family organized, it is important to know everyone’s schedule. Keep your calendar in a central location so it is visible to the entire family including visitors such as grandparents or babysitters. Consider different colors for each member of the family. You should easily be able to find your school’s calendar of events online. Add those important dates including teacher planning days, holidays, field trips, etc.

3. Make a List, Check it Twice

Take a list of inventory you have left over from last year’s school supplies. While it is always nice to start the school year off fresh, it is never a bad idea to use last year’s supplies first. Many “back to school” items go on sale up to 90% off a month in a half into the school year. In addition to classroom supplies, check to see if the kids need new clothing. Most states offer a weekend or week of no taxes! This is a great time to grab to grab any new items needed!

4. Clean Your Child’s Room

Nothing can bring the feeling of disarray more than a chaotic atmosphere. Begin organizing drawers so clothes can be easily located. Organize an area for placing books and your child’s backpack. Just as you want your bedroom to be a sanctuary or area of calm, your child is looking for the same feeling. To help organize your mornings, find a shelf with baskets and label them Monday to Friday. Place your child’s clothing for the week in each bin so they can easily find what they are wearing each day to prevent morning madness!

5. Make a Quiet Corner

Just as sound and lighting can change our mood, it can also affect your child’s. Designate a room, corner, desk or area that belongs to your child. Have sharpened pencils, good lighting, comfortable seating, and any other items your child might need for completing their assignments. Consider putting up a positive phrase or quote to inspire your child! Get them involved so this place feels like a safe haven of their own.

6. Begin to Limit Television

Nothing competes more with learning than TV and electronics. This day and age, your child’s teacher is competing with the constant stimulus found in video games, movies, and the web.  While studies have shared that limited television has increased vocabulary and can aid in learning, there is a lot that can be said for discovery found in a book and creativity found in a back yard! This free time is also a great opportunity to establish play dates with kids from school to re-establish connections.

7. Create a Menu Plan

Begin researching easy meals for your evenings. Pinterest is a great place to get ideas. Crockpots are always easy for tossing in meats and veggies and coming home to yummy meal and aroma that will make your stomach growl. Once you get a list of meals that interest you, use that list to begin planning your meal. Plan a week to two in advance to limit your trips to the grocery store. Frugal Tip: Plan your meals around what is in your pantry. Got to and add an ingredient to see what meal ideas come up. Try something new!

8. Gather Your papers

Give your school a phone call a few weeks before classes begin. Your child might need immunization records, a change of address form if you’ve moved, state test records, etc. A great way to organize these papers is in an according file folder.

Most importantly, talk to your child. Share with them your expectations and take a moment listen to theirs. Help ease any fear and anxiety by walking them through a school day and week. In addition to sharing the day’s schedule, let them know your expectations. Most importantly, let them participate in the back to school home prep. By preparing your home now, you will thank yourself later!

Ashley Nuzzo is a former teacher turned professional blogger. She is the mother of two young girls. Ashley owns and operates the website Geared toward helping readers stretch their pennies and save their dollars, Frugal Coupon Living focuses on finding great deals both online and in local and national stores. National press includes Dr. Phil, The Washington Post, Good Housekeeping, and All You Magazine. She is a DealPro with


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