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Posted by on Apr 25, 2019 in Seasonal & Events | 0 comments

8 Ways to Lower Your Golf Handicap

Golf season is finally here. It’s time to brush off those clubs and hit the course. Perhaps your handicap isn’t quite as low as you’d like. Don’t fret! We’ve put together all the tips you’ll need to get back on your game. Whether you’re an experienced player or a novice, there’s always room for improvement. Follow these 8 ways to lower your golf handicap and you’ll be sure to turn some heads at your next tee time.

Practice Makes Perfect

Try to hit balls at the range as often as you can. There’s a big correlation between how well you play on the course and the time you put in on the range. This practice will enable you to groove your swing and boost your stats.

Don’t Forget About Your Short Game

Yes, the range is very effective in improving your skill. But you don’t want to forget about your short game. Putting is half the battle. No one wants to hit great shots the whole round just to miss the gimme range. You should be practicing a brief putting drill before each round of golf.

Revamp Your Gear

When was the last time you checked your equipment? If your grooves look worn down and your grip is almost non-existent, its probably time to revamp your gear. Hit up the local golf shop and get fitted for some new clubs. Having gear that fits your swing and body is a major key to success.

Stretch on the Daily

You need to stretch, every day. Stretching for 5 min. before your tee time isn’t going to cut it. Having flexibility will help boost your game dramatically. And the last thing you want to do is get injured by pulling a muscle on the course and having to sit out the season.

Add Some Course Variety

Don’t be basic! Switch up your courses with some variety. Sure, you probably know your home course like the back of your hand. But that won’t matter when you’re on an unfamiliar course with different elevations and grass varieties. Challenge yourself to a new course and you’re bound to improve your golf game.

Keep an Official Handicap

Having a vague idea of your skill level isn’t going to help you reach your golfing goals. You should be keeping track of your golf game with an official handicap. This will help you see your improvement over time. And maintaining a handicap is easier than you think. There are plenty of smartphone apps that help you track your progress.

Learn from the Best

Of course, there are plenty of free resources online as well as books about golf. But, if you really want to lower your handicap, you should invest in some golf lessons from a pro. They can help you pinpoint any areas that you should focus on.

Play Alone

Although socializing is a fun part of the sport, it can hinder your concentration and prevent you from making the improvements you want. Hit the course alone and you will really be able to focus on harnessing your abilities without the pressure of an audience.

Whether you’re a numbers shark or just play for the fun of it, these tips will help you improve your golf game. Nothing will feel better than watching how much progress you’ve made toward your handicap goals.

Joe Healy is a content marketing expert who enjoys traveling and leading an active lifestyle. 

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