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Posted by on Jul 15, 2016 in Entertainment | 0 comments

9 Affordable Backup Power Packs for Pokemon Go Players

Pokemon Go

Have you ever been on the verge of catching an elusive Dratini and had your phone die as soon as you sent out that pokeball? Or just step into the range of that lure and the screen go black? It’s a problem. A Pokemon Go problem that can easily be fixed with one of the products below!!
We’ve put together a list of 9 affordable backup power packs to help you catch ‘em all!

1. ZAGG Power Amp 6 – The ZAGG power pack is not only functional but cute with its gold and white shell. It only costs $49.99 and will charge your phone in 2-3 hours. Grab one from Target.

ZAGG Power Amp 6

2. Tzumi Pocket Juice Slim – This portable charger will not just charge your phone, but will also charge your tablet, music player, digital reader, camera and more! Get anywhere from 80-126 hours of play time for only $30 from Walmart.
Tzumi Pocket Juice Slim 3. Mophie PowerStation 8x Portable Charger – Arguable the most recognizable name in the portable charging game, the Mophie PowerStation Delivers 15,000 mAh capacity to all your devices! Score one for $106.99 at Best Buy.
Mophie PowerStation 8x

4. myCharge Style Power – Pocket-sized and comes in two colors! Works with any smartphone USB cable and offers 2000 mAh capacity! It’s only $19.99 at Target.
myCharge Style Power

5. ROMOSS Solo3 – The ROMOSS Sole3 is a powerful little pack!! You can charge two devices simultaneously! Plus you can get 2-3 full charges out of this thing for under $10. Grab it for $7.99 at Walmart.


6. REV – The REV portable charger can charge not 2, but 3 devices simultaneously! Perfect for poke hunting with multiple trainer friends. It’s $37.99 at Best Buy.

The REV portable charger

7. myCharge All-Terrain 3000 – The All-Terrain myCharge is perfect for finding saving battery life while hunting those rare pokes. It’s water-proof, temperature proof, dirt-proof, shock-proof and only $39.99 at Target.

myCharge All-Terrain 3000

8. EnerPlex Kickr IV Portable Solar Charger – Camping out at the Gym all weekend? Use the solar charger to make sure you have enough juice to fight your Pidgeots and level up. Grab one for $129.99 from Walmart.

EnerPlex Kickr IV Portable Solar Charger

9. Insignia Portable Charger – This small but mighty charger has the ability to charge 3 devices at once, and according to reviewers can deliver 6 full charges! Grab one at Best Buy for $9.99.

Insignia Portable Charger


Don’t expect to slow down either. According to Eliott Large, Web Analyst at Cox Target Media, Pokemon Go “is now the fastest-growing app of all-time. It’s more popular than Snapchat, Twitter, and Tinder, and it hasn’t even been released worldwide yet!” He and many others are patiently waiting for the game developer, Niantec to release new iterations where players can trade and battle just like the old school Pokemon games of 1998.

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