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Posted by on Oct 16, 2018 in Halloween, Seasonal & Events | 0 comments

9 of the Best Pet Costumes Under $30

It’s Halloween, don’t forget your furry friends need costumes too! Whether you take them trick-or-treating with the kids or just have them help pass out candy, they’ll need to dress the part. We’ve got you covered with nine of our favorite costumes AND coupons to match!

Unicorn Cat or Dog Costume at Target $4.99-6.99
Our pets are majestic in their own right, but why not give them a leg up with one of these Unicorn costumes from Target. Let their pure spirits show on the outside. Comes complete with a rainbow mane.
Pennywise Pet Costume from Spirit Halloween $24.99
What’s Halloween without a little Stephen King? Turn your best friend into Pennywise from It with this costume from Spirit Halloween. The shirt is a step-in for ease of dressing and even includes a wig! We all float with this costume.
Pharaoh Cat Costume from Target $4.99
Fulfill your cat’s destiny as a ruler of everything by getting them this Pharaoh costume from Target. It even comes with a neckpiece to make them appear as royal as possible.
Freddy Krueger Pet Costume from Spirit Halloween $26.99
I’ve definitely accused my kitty of being Freddy every once in a while when her claws come out, why not dress the fur kids up accordingly? Spirit Halloween has a Freddy Krueger costume complete with a bladed glove!
Ghost Busters Costume from Target $12.99
Who ya’ gonna call? Your PUP! In this Ghostbusters bodysuit complete with a proton pack! Keep the Stay Puff Marshmellow man back.
R2D2 Dog Costume from Spirit Halloween $19.99
Are you searching for droids? Search no more with this intergalactic costume perfect for the pooch of any Star Wars fan! This costume comes with a bodysuit and a hat. You might need to use the force to keep the hat on.
Lion Costume from Target $9.99
Is this lion costume not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!? And it’s pretty cheap too! It comes complete with fuzzy paw boots, and mane.
Aristocrat Cat Costume from Spirit Halloween $19.99
“Everybody wants to be a cat because a cat’s the only cat, who knows where it’s at!” Dress your cat up to fit the part with this costume from Spirit Halloween. There’s even a feather in the cap!
Big Bad Wolf Costume from Target $12.99
Suitable for both felines and canines, this big bad wolf costume will pair great with your little red riding costume! You two (or three) will definitely make the best-dressed list in these.

What is your best friend wearing?

Alyssa is a Marketing Specialist at Valpak specializing in social media, who loves Harry Potter, writing about nerdy things, and her “fur-babies” Tank, Crash and Kai. Follow her on Twitter @Mlyssailes