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Posted by on Mar 9, 2016 in Home & Garden | 1 comment

9 DIY Wall Décor Ideas

DIY Wall Decor - BTB

If you’re anything like us you spend hours scrolling through all the wonderful home decor on Pinterest. And just like us, you have reservations about spending a ton of money for something that’s just going to collect dust. Fret no longer, spend TIME instead of money, making your own wall decor! Check out these 9 easy ideas.

1. Gallery Wall:

Gallery walls are super in right now. Thinking of trying your hand? All you really need are cheap frames, a printer and a few interesting trinkets. Score an 8 piece frame set for $24.99 on Amazon, print out photos or inspirational quotes to fill them. Check your local craft store for extra trinkets like keys or wood rounds. Joann’s has a selection of alphabet letters and chalkboards, perfect for adding some dimension.

2. Sunburst Mirror:



This can be done with thin pieces of wood, like paint stirrers or plastic spoons (you can totally get these at the dollar store)! You’ll need a round mirror, glue, your wood or spoons, and spray paint. After spray painting, attach the wood/spoons to the back of your mirror in a repetitive pattern. Done!

3. Framed Ombre Art:


Have a few random paint samples left over for your big decisions? Add to the collection with like colored samples. Glue down to either paper or cardboard and frame. Voila! Super cute ombre art perfect for your side table.

4. Metallic Bunting:

straw bunting 3


Use for a party or year around above a buffet. All you need are paper straws, string and gold spray paint! String together a triangle of straws, double back through the “flat” straw and repeat the process until you’ve reached the desired number of triangles. A similar set is being sold at Urban Outfitters for $18!

5. Marquee Sign:

Have you seen those super expensive marquee signs EVERYWHERE? Yeah, us too. But instead of spending a lot of money, why not make your own? Hit up Joann’s for their cardboard letters and spray paint them the desired color. You can stop here, especially if you’ve gone for a metal looking paint, or you can illuminate it. Grab a strand of globe string lights, and mark where each globe will be placed on your letter. Then cut a hole and pull the globe through!

6. Scrapbook Paper Wall:


Source: NomadicDecorator.Com

Have some extra scrapbook paper and cardboard lying around? That will do. Take a selection of 4 to 6 pieces of scrapbook paper and glue to the cardboard. Cut each piece of scrapbook paper out and arrange on a wall.

7. Mod Urchin Art:


Small Styrofoam balls, bamboo sticks and spray paints are all you need to make this super cute DIY. Just think, Target’s selling them for $19.99 right now!

8. 3D Inspirational Art:



Another canvas DIY — Using glue, write out your favorite quote or draw a little something on a canvas. Let dry and then spray paint. Super subtle and super cute!

9. Nail Head Map Panel:


Grab a piece of wood from a craft store, some thick string and nails. Print out the chosen map and place in the center of your background. Place nails along the outline, remove map and get to stringing!

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  1. This article on DIY wall art is clever, innovative and fun. I am impressed with the creativity of these pieces.

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