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Posted by on May 1, 2013 in Savings Advice | 0 comments

9 Easy Savings Tips That Add Up to Big Bucks

Even if you’re not an avid couponer, you can still find little savings here and there that will add up over the course of the year and really make a difference to your bank account. You can start today by making these simple, fast changes to the way you shop and live.Money Savings Tips

1. Do the double.

Plan your grocery shopping trips on the day your supermarket doubles coupons or offers special discounts to groups such as veterans or school teachers.

2. Never pay shipping.

Search for online coupons codes before paying delivery fees from any online retailer.

3. Buy day-old products.

From loaves of bread to cookies, bakeries sell their day-old goodies at deep discounts. Eat what you want in a day or two, then freeze the rest for up to a month.

4. Plan meals based on sales.

Write the grocery list with the store flyer in hand. Choose upcoming dinners based on the week’s specials and seasonal produce.

5. Buy in bulk.

Whether you need toilet paper or ground beef, there’s no reason not to buy the jumbo package if you buy the item weekly. Stop paying for small, convenient packages.

6. Don’t toss leftovers.

Instead, recycle them into another meal. Use leftover rice in soup or save grilled chicken to top a salad. Leftover fruit salad makes a wonderful fruit smoothie.

7. Shop online clearance sections.

Your local retailers aren’t the only ones with carts of discounted products. Click on sale tabs on merchant website sites such as Walmart or Kohls first to find the best deals.

8. Stack coupons.

Pair manufacturer coupons found online or in the newspaper with in-store sales or coupons. If the store has a customer savings card, you may be able to use that to triple the savings.

9. Sign up for free newsletters.

Emailed and printed newsletters and updates from your favorite retailers often come with coupons or special member-only offers.

Although you may only notice a few dollars of savings on the bottom of each receipt, that money adds up over time. Think of the extra meals you’ve created by not wasting food, or the low cost dinners you’ve planned by picking up discounted vegetables in the produce section. There are great options all around you!


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