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Posted by on Mar 11, 2016 in Shopping | 0 comments

9 Gadgets Your Smartphone Can Replace


With the launches of the Samsung Galaxy s7 and the Apple iPhone SE in March, smartphone manufacturers are hoping to lure even more people into the smartphone-only fold. Are you on board?

First, let’s meet the newest smartphone contenders:

  • The Apple iPhone SE is replacing the S5 as a 4-inch entry-level device.
  • The sophisticated iPhone 7 is said to be ditching headphone jacks and adding dual speakers. It is scheduled for launch later in 2016.
  • Samsung’s Galaxy s7 and edge models, which debuted March 11, feature wireless charging and expanded storage capability.

More than 1 billion smartphones are expected to be shipped worldwide, according to an NPD DisplaySearch study. That means one in seven people across the globe are going to be wired up. Experts predict this is the year that we’ll be able to use a single device for all entertainment and communications technology. In fact, you can already replace nine tech gadgets with one small device. But do you want to? And will it save you money?

This article first appeared on Money Crashers.

Technology has made huge strides in the last couple of decades. Thanks to new electronic gadgets, you can now store your whole music collection in a machine the size of a single cassette tape, snap hundreds of photos without ever changing a roll of film, and drive across the country without touching a road map.

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