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Posted by on Apr 22, 2014 in Gift Guides | 22 comments

9 Months, 9 Baby Shower Gift Ideas (that are different)

Every mom looks as forward to her baby shower as she does the big day itself. Finding the perfect shower gift need not involve an all-day trip to multiple stores; many retailers and boutiques allow you to shop online. That still leaves the question of what to get. These nine gifts, one for every month of a typical pregnancy, will be a welcome unwrapping. And there are coupons galore to baby your wallet.

The best baby shower gift is one that multi-tasks – a skill mom herself will have to learn fast.

1. The BOB Motion Travel System is a stroller and car seat in one. It gets raves for its simple, ergonomic design. The stroller folds quickly with one hand and locks shut automatically. The car seat faces rear or forward so it grows with baby.

image 1 stroller

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Diapers will be a part of a new parent’s life for the better part of two years. A great idea is to ask each guest to bring a box of newborn-size nappies to the party. Then show mom or dad how easy it is to dispose of them.

2. Keep the nursery odor free with a Playtex Diaper Genie Elite Pail. A foot pedal opens the canister lid (no bending) and the dirty diapers are twisted up in double-lock bags (no smell). Odors and germs are sealed in securely. You can add a set of refills with the money you’ve saved!

image 2 diaper genie

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3. Diapering on the go can be both stylish and practical. This twill Carter’s LaGuna diaper bag is roomy and full of pockets and pouches. It comes in neutral colors that go with every outfit and are suitable for a baby boy or a girl.

image 3 diaper bag

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Be the one who thinks of everything!

4. A battery-operated Nasalclear nasal aspirator is a safe and fast way to unblock stuffy little nostrils. It uses gentle, continuous suction that the old bulb types just can’t match. It features different silicone tips for different size nostrils and even plays 12 tunes to distract baby.

image 4 nasal aspirator

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5. Even Supermom needs a break or two. The 4moms mamaRoo Plush Infant Seat is the next best thing to mom or dad’s comforting arms. Not your ordinary seat, it simulates bouncing and swaying motions for hands-free soothing – 5 motions, 5 adjustable speeds, and 5 built-in nature sounds plus MP3 connection.

image 5 infant seat

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Need a few fun, low-cost baby shower gift ideas?

6. A set of whimsical pacifiers will give a new parent a smile during those trying times. Choose a mustache, gangsta grille or vampire fangs as a bootie-stuffer.  They are BPA-free and feature snap-on hygienic caps.

image 6 pacifierBusted Tees Coupon Codes

7. Anyone who loved taking pregnant-belly photos each month will love The Pink Princess Sticky Bellies Stickers. The stickers are safe to apply to bare skin or clothing, and are a cute-as-a-button way to mark the first 12 months in photos.

image 7 belly sticker

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8. If mom’s expecting a boy, she can expect another type of shower once in a while – a surprise on the changing table. These adorable disposable Pee Pee Tee Pees will appeal to her sense of humor – and protect her clothes as she learns the ropes.

image 8 peepee teepee

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Little boy bathroom humor will come soon enough. Let’s take it back to a higher level, shall we?

9. Start the tot-to-be off on a stylish note with Calvin Klein infant bodysuits. While others buy basics, you can make an impression and put designer panache on that adorable little body.  Easy-wash cotton/polyester knits come five to a pack.

image 9 calvin klein onesies

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Marie Hickman, Digital Content Writer at Valpak, focuses on what’s new in couponing, money-saving tips, entertaining and home improvement.


  1. The nasal aspirator is one of those things that you may not need straight away but so handy to have as the time you will most likely need to use it is when the chemists are closed.

  2. my daughter is having twins. any ideas for the most helpful gifts?

    • that would make a great topic for a future blog post, Linda. I will give it some thought. Anyone else have ideas for Linda?

  3. These items that you shared are really different! No one tell me about it, except you. I’m sure that these things are great gifts at baby showers for mom-to-be. Thanks for sharing and I’ll be looking forward for more!

  4. What an amazing list of gift ideas. The moustache pacifier is really quite humorous.

    • Isn’t it clever?! We’re glad you like it!

  5. Wow some of these ideas are really out there. I didnt know you could get an electrical nasal aspirator. Great work compiling this extraordinary list.

  6. Sticky Bellies.. what a cute novel idea! Thanks for sharing

  7. Good article and good ideas. Thanks

  8. The diaper genie was a godsend and well worth while. Lots of good ideas for gifts for new moms and dads!

    • Anything that keeps the nursery smelling fresh is a good thing! Thanks for your comment.

  9. Great list – wish I had thought of #8 – WOW! Thanks for the great info.

  10. The pacifiers are hilarious! I wish we had them 30 years ago… I also like Infant Seat,seems to be a great thing to have at home! Thanks a lot for such an interesting article!

    • Everyone seems to love the pacifiers. Yes, wish they had been around 30 years ago! thanks for your comments!

  11. The pacifiers are hysterical! Great find!

  12. Great ideas, used one today for my nephew’s new baby
    Great blog, thanks.

  13. Thanks for that…busted tee’s is always good for certain things, but never thought baby shower gifts.

  14. Good article and selection of products to highlight! Didn’t know many of these items were available.

    • Thanks, Caring Dad! I’m working on a second list with even more useful baby gifts.

  15. That nasal aspirator is genius! I’m getting one ASAP!! Great article!

    • Thanks, Andie. They’re a godsend at 3 a.m.!

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