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Posted by on Jan 13, 2014 in Savings Advice | 1 comment

9 Things You Can Do Right Now to Start Saving Money

coin-purseLots of things can get in the way when we’re trying to save, but there are a ton of simple things that you can do to start saving money right now.

1. Start saving now. Don’t wait for special day to start saving money. By starting to save now, you’re showing that you are serious and committed.

2. Write down your goal. By writing down your goal, you’re setting goals for what you’re trying to save and making them known to yourself. This helps you save money by having a clear and established goal that you have set forth.

3. Pay your credit card bill by the end of the month. By paying your bill by the end of the month, you are not only improving your credit score, but you are also making sure that your credit bill has revolving credit and stays below the credit limit.

4. Start saving small. Saving a small amount of money can quickly add up once you start getting used to not seeing that money. You can always increase the amount you’re saving which will make your savings amount rise faster.

5. Save before you see your paycheck. A great way to save money is to ask for money to be removed from your paycheck before you even see it. You can talk to your HR department about how to get this started. You can start by having $20 taken out of your check each pay period and having it put into your savings account automatically.

6. Put it in the jar. I learned this one from my teenage daughter. She’s all about saving money, and one of the things she does is any time she finds change or gets change back from the store, she puts it in a jar. This is her Christmas jar that she uses to buy Christmas presents with. At the end of every year, my daughter has almost $200 to spend on Christmas gifts. Not bad for a 13 year-old!

7. Skip the latte. In my neighborhood, we have a grocery store that also has a Starbucks in it. Talk about temptation! What I’ve done is gone on to Pinterest and found alternatives to my addiction (which is chai tea). With the money I save on not buying chai tea at Starbucks,  I add to my savings account for my savings goals.

8. No more DVDs. I used to set my budget to buy one DVD per month, which usually cost $6-7. What I found out was that for only $7 a month, I could watch unlimited TV shows and movies by joining a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu Plus.

9. Make a list. Make a grocery list before you go to the grocery store. Making a list will not only help you keep track of what you’re spending, but it’ll also not let you overspend. Making a list will also help you be quick and efficient in the store.

Guest blogger Aimee Brittain is a DealPro and founder of Pretty Frugal Diva, a website dedicated to helping others save money and showcasing the best weekly deals in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

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  1. Great tips and ideas! I love your post! Will share 🙂


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