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We’re making it our mission to deliver awesome local savings offers, couponing tips, budgeting advice and cool events, just for you, and all in a single place – the Behind The Blue blog. We’re about improving life by saving you money, even if it’s just a few dollars at time. After all, it’s those small victories that really add up!

What you’ll find in Behind The Blue

Want to get the dog groomed on a budget, do a deal-inspired date night, or embark on a 30-day quest to make your grass greener without breaking the bank? That’s the type of stuff you’ll find here. We hope you’ll join our community of like-minded savers so that we can all share and learn from each other. A couponing kumbaya, anyone?

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It takes an A-Team to hunt down topical, money-saving advice and opportunities across the country. But consider our network the “Justice League” of savvy savers and bargain-hunters.

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  1. I open my valpak envelope to my surprise I was an instant winner. At first, i couldn’t believe it, but after further checking it was real .. I want to Thank you for the $100 dollars you have just made my Christmas.

  2. I used a coupon from Febrez Air, What a MISTAKE. The $89 coupon ended with almost $900 and they damaged our wood floor. Agreed to adjust off $200 for 2 year agreement(as we will never allow them in our house) and pay for damage. The didn’t do either.

    Now I see the Valpak coupons I just throw in trash. I am telling everyone I can about this and advise them to just throw this away.

    • Why would you tell others to throw away the Valpak. There are so many other wonderful coupons in there. Sorry you had a bad experience with Febrez Air but that doesn’t mean Valpak is a bad company.

  3. How can I get Valpak sent to my home address?


    • Hi Carolyn, your local Valpak office mails based on carrier routes. Your address may not be in a route they are currently mailing. You can always check out or you can request to have your address added to the mailing list. Please email with your complete mailing address and it will be submitted.

  4. how do I get my farmers markett coupons in Val pak for 91356 zip

  5. Using the Brite Carpet Care coupon was the biggest mistake in our lives. The whole house cleaned for $105.00 was a joke. After the person couldn’t get us to do the almost $500.00 package, and my husband had to tell him to leave because of the badgering, and said we will just go back to Stanley Steemer, he did the half ass job. We know he didn’t completely clean the master bedroom, and he was unhappy that he couldn’t take advantage of my 77 yr. old husband. We are on a fixed income, my husband had to embarrass himself to admit we couldn’t afford his almost $500.00 deal. If I was here, I would of kicked his butt out and never let him do our carpets. I will never use these coupons again, these was very upsetting. I have gone around the house spot cleaning the places he said he did. He said the pre-spotting he did was in the machine, Stanley Steemer goes around manually to spot clean. We realize the heavy walking areas won’t come out as clean. We learned a good lesson on using the carpet coupons, never again.

    • Hi Ella and Sam,

      We apologize for the trouble you had redeeming a coupon.
      We’d like to investigate this further, so we’ll need to know where you are located.
      Please email us with more information at

  6. How do I get my coupons for my business in the Val Pak???

  7. Using the Premier Carpet Cleaning coupon was the biggest mistake in our lives. Two rooms for $14.00 was a joke. After the person arrived he stated that the coupon price was for the standard clean. So they upsold two rooms from $14.00 to $185.00. They do not even have professional carpet cleaning equipment. They have the same equipment you can rent, they use your hot water and no steam. They did a horrible job and I still had to pay to have the carpets PROFESSIONALLY cleaned. When I contacted the owner he insisted on a reclean, that was another big mistake. He was extremely rude and confrontational when he was unable to clean any better than the first employee. I asked him to finish cleaning the one room and leave. He then packed up his equipment and left refusing to speak with me anymore. I had to rent a machine just to get the enzyme cleanser off the carpet. The owner is unethical and unprofessional. Along with the “Bait and Switch” they also have many hidden fees which were never discussed Fuel and Credit Card charges. Do yourself a favor and call a professional company with truck mounted cleaning equipment. Valpak should not associate themselves with such an unethical company.

    • Hi Bradley,

      We apologize for the trouble you had redeeming a coupon.
      We’d like to investigate this further, we’ll need to know where you are located.
      Please email us with more information at

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