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Posted by on Mar 28, 2016 in Health & Beauty | 0 comments

Aloe Vera: The Cheap, New Miracle Treatment

aloe vera

Warm weather means a greater chance for sunburn. And we all know aloe vera is a great go-to to ease the burn. Directly from the leaf or in a bottle you buy in the drugstore, this colorless, nearly odorless gel is a skin miracle worker. In liquified form, it’s great for stomach troubles and constipation.  It’s also cheap but highly effective.

But there’s far more to this cactus plant than that. Way more. Many people swear by aloe as an acne treatment, asthma reliever and colitis cure. Ready to incorporate it into your skincare routine and diet? Read on!

This article first appeared on Lifehack.

Are you suffering with acne, sunburns or ready to go on a cleanse to kickstart your diet? Maybe you just want to boost your immune system.  I have just the solution for you. ALOE VERA!

Get the tips and recipes here.

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