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Posted by on Feb 17, 2016 in Home & Garden, How To | 0 comments

Awesome Things to Crochet Instead of Buy

cool things to knit crochet

I recently developed an obsession for crocheting. I started because of a crochet circle at my job, and I now sit at home and crochet granny squares until my hands don’t work anymore. I tried to get into the hobby in high school, but it didn’t stick. What’s different now? The internet has helped me access patterns and tutorials for tons of custom things I would have to pay a lot of money for on Etsy. Here are 5 amazing things you can make yourself instead of buying (videos and tutorials are in the links):

  1. A Mug Cozy – It’s hard finding a cute mug that will keep your coffee or tea warm for long on its own. Use one of these adorable patterns to stitch yourself the perfect cuppa. Most of these patterns require some sort of button or fastener. You’ll have to attach it using other methods like sewing or glue. The cable mug is pure yarn but a more complex stitch.
  1. Cell Phone Cozy – Sure, you can buy an OtterBox or other fancy cell phone cases. But those aren’t unique. A cell phone cozy is perfect for a beginner that wants to complete something quickly. The stitches are fairly simple, with just a little extra effort for a button.
  1. Slippers – Okay, so barefoot sandals are too cute for words. But slippers are what your feet really need. Store-bought slippers never seem to fit right, always sliding around and or squeezing a little too tight. Crocheting your own slippers gives you the opportunity to choose the most comfortable yarn and craft the perfect fit. The perfect pair of slippers is in your hands…and on your feet.
  1. Chunky Baskets – There are about a million things you need baskets and bins for in your house, but the cost of buying them can get outrageous. It’s an especially hard pill to swallow when you have to settle for a basket you don’t love. Never fear! These patterns will give you all the chunky, durable storage you need. Depending on the yarn you choose, they can even be washable.
  1. Lampshades – You read that right. Crochet your own lampshades. Do you feel powerful yet? Because you should. While this pattern does require a base lampshade, you are essentially creating a cover that can be unique to your space. Finally, no more hunting for weeks for the perfect lamp!

Crochet takes time and practice to perfect. I’ve got a long way to go before I’ll make anything I’d want anyone to see. But the great thing about learning is that when a mistake happens, you can unravel your work and start over. No need to buy new supplies or start from scratch. Just keep trying and you’ll get some amazing things that maybe you can sell someday!

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