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Posted by on Jan 19, 2016 in Health & Beauty, How To | 0 comments

Best Healthy Living Apps

fitness app-btb

Being in good health requires a combination of eating right and exercise, both of which must be closely monitored to achieve maximum results. And while we can guess approximately what and how much to do of eating and exercising, knowing specifics is a much more efficient and effective way to obtain goals. 

That said, technology has been a great innovator at the forefront of the health industry. Everyday there are new developments in technology that make monitoring our health easier and more highly integrated into our everyday life. Apps, for one, are something we all use on a daily basis – so what better way to keep track of eating or exercise than with an app? It’s simple – and always at our finger tips.

Here’s what we found as some of the hottest new apps to help you get – and stay – in shape this year!

Maintaining your health used to be somewhat of a guessing game. Eat an apple, go for a run and cross your fingers that it gets you a clean bill of health at your annual check-up. These days, advancements in health and fitness technology have taken the guesswork out of staying healthy with methods to monitor your wellness 24/7.

Watch the video and learn more at Consumer Technology Association  Blog

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