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Posted by on Dec 22, 2015 in Grocery, Savings Advice | 0 comments

Best Places to Get Cheap, Healthy Food

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New year, new you. Right? Right! And the new and improved you needs a healthy diet.

Eating healthy not only keeps your body functioning on all cylinders, but also keeps your body in the best shape – and if you’re like half of America, you also made a New Year’s resolution to slim down this year.

So, to help feel the best and look the best, we thought you could use some tips on the best places to shop for healthy food — while still keeping within your budget, which is probably another New Year’s resolution….

Earlier last month I talked about how we feed our family of six on $400-$450 a month, yet we still manage to eat organic food for much of our diets. Regardless of what the critics and naysayers tell us, healthy food does not need to be expensive. In fact, if you know a few hidden secrets you can feed yourself and your whole family with healthy products ¬†and still keep your food budget low. I talked last week about the benefits of organic foods, and how we eat organic foods for a decent part of our diet, and manage to do so inexpensively compared to what most people spend on their grocery budget without buying organic. Today, in order to give you more insight on how to feed your family a healthy diet I’m sharing five great places where you can get healthy food for yourself and/or your family without going over the grocery budget.

Read all five tips here at The Frugal Farmer

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