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Posted by on Oct 1, 2019 in Savings Advice, Seasonal & Events, Shopping | 0 comments

6 Best Things to Buy in October


Fall is in full swing and soon it will be Halloween! Stores are stepping up their mark-downs in preparation for the winter. And you know what that means…spooktacular savings! Many retailers will discount the current year’s merchandise in hopes of freeing up space for next year’s models and seasonal items. This is a great time to score awesome deals on everything from appliances to Broadway shows. Here are the 6 best things to buy in October:

Best Buys in October


The holidays provide plenty of opportunities to cook, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Cookware is the perfect gift for your family and friends. Break out the recipe book and plan a dinner with your loved ones. Nothing brings people together like a delicious meal with great company. You can find big discounts on cookware from Williams Sonoma.


As the end of the year gets closer, new appliances will start being released and older models will see a huge price decrease as a result. Perhaps you have a white refrigerator and it’s time to upgrade to stainless steel. There are also plenty of quality older appliances to choose from like vacuum Cleaners for your dream house. You can find some great vacuum cleaner reviews at If you’re a fan of cooking, the kitchen is a place where you spend a lot of time. Make life easier for yourself with appliances from Sears. The huge savings put this item at the top of our list for the best things to buy in October.

Patio Furniture

Holiday merchandise is big business for retailers. To make room, stores need to sell large pieces of patio furniture. They’re not going to store summer items all winter so they price them to sell. Now that it’s October, you’ll be able to score huge savings on patio furniture. Be sure to check out the selection at the beginning of the month because that’s when there will be the best selection. Check out Kohls for some great deals.


Since fall is the off-season for traveling, RV dealers are dropping their prices to entice more buyers. If you love vacationing, consider purchasing an RV. Nothing feels more like freedom than hitting the open road in a camper and traveling across the country. You can find great deals on the sticker price starting in October and lasting through the winter. Camping World has an awesome selection of RVs at a deep discount.


Jeans are a popular item with the back-to-school crowd. Now that classes are back in session, many retailers will have a surplus of jeans inventory that they’re looking to get rid of. Some stores will be marking jeans down by up to 50%! You don’t want to miss this chance to stock up on jeans for you and the entire family. Hit up Old Navy for quality jeans at a low price!

Broadway Shows

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about October savings, but tickets to Broadway shows are a great purchase this month. Since it’s the off-season, theaters need to fill their seats and will offer big discounts to bring in customers. You can find cheap tickets to a number of shows from Stubhub.

Whether you’re in search of a new pair of jeans or interested in purchasing an RV, you’re sure to find deep discounts on our list of the 6 best things to buy in October. Don’t pass up the opportunity to save big this holiday season.

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