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Posted by on Nov 7, 2017 in Guest Posts, Savings Advice, Shopping | 0 comments

The Best Things to Buy During Holiday Sales and Promotions — And What Can Wait

best things to buy during holiday sales

During the lead-up to Christmas, retailers offer great deals to attract customers — and to help end their fiscal year on a high note. Black Friday is the kickoff to the holiday shopping season, which can continue well into January thanks to clearance sales. That means there’s no shortage of ways to save.

It’s human nature to pull out your credit card when you see a good deal, but during the discount overload of the holiday shopping season, how do you know that a great deal on a TV is really worth it?

Knowing which deals to take advantage of during the holidays and when something may have a better price off-season can be difficult, but we’ve put together a few tips to give you a clearer picture of what to buy — and what to hold off on — this year.

 What to Buy on the Biggest Shopping Day of All: Black Friday

 Retailers tend to bring out their best deals on Black Friday, which has conditioned shoppers to expect deep price cuts on the gifts they’re buying for others and for themselves. But some products offer a better value than others at this early point in the shopping season.

No doubt Black Friday is the best day of the year to buy a new TV, but most other electronics see their lowest prices of the year on that day, as well. You could even get a deal on first-generation Apple devices as carriers look to entice users to upgrade.

Generally, November is not a great month for appliance deals, but the one exception is Black Friday. If you don’t plan to buy a dishwasher as a holiday gift, keep in mind that many models will be discounted in January when new models are rolled out.

With all of the big movies coming out around the holidays — including “Star Wars,” “Thor,” and “Coco” — toys and merchandise will see hefty discounts at stores like Toys R Us. And because those movies are all part of the Disney universe, you can expect to find a Disney Store promo code to further discount Black Friday sales.

Travel and Gift Card Prices Drop on Cyber Monday

If you have been itching to take a vacation, Cyber Monday is a great day to solidify travel plans. Most major travel websites — like Orbitz, Travelocity, and Expedia, among others — offer discounted hotel bookings, flights, and even vacation packages that you can take advantage of during vacation time around the holidays.

Gift cards are another great buy on Cyber Monday because resellers like, Cardpool, or CardCash often offer a percentage off their already-discounted prices. And since most everyone on your shopping list would be thrilled to get a gift card, Cyber Monday gives you the chance to save and do most of your shopping from the couch.

Historically, laptops have seen deep discounts on Cyber Monday, as well, the only catch is that stock may be low from Black Friday sales. And while there are many great days to buy clothes, you’ll see some of the biggest sitewide discounts on Cyber Monday.

Free Shipping Day Offers a Last Chance for Gift-Giving

Many shoppers mark Free Shipping Day on their calendars as the deadline for getting their online orders in for Christmas gifts — and for good reason. Not only do thousands of retailers offer to ship orders for free on this day (December 15 in 2017) but they all guarantee delivery before December 25.

That gives online shoppers peace of mind that they won’t be left in an awkward gift-less situation. And free shipping generally coincides with other holiday promotions companies might be running.

 Scour Post-Holiday Clearance Sales for Huge Discounts

As the holidays wind down, and stores are left with extra stock, they begin to dramatically slash prices to prepare for the influx of new models and styles that will hit shelves in the new year. This purging period can last from Christmas well into January.

Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, and winter clothing will, predictably, be on deep discount. But you will also find savings on many tech devices and gift sets that were ordered in excess for the holiday season. You can also find good deals on fitness equipment, as stores want to entice consumers to follow through on all of those New Year’s resolutions to shed some pounds.

Save on Items Year-Round by Buying at the Right Time

While the most prolific deals are often found in late November and early December, you don’t have to cram all of your shopping into winter to save money. Not only are there other shopping events throughout the year — Memorial Day, Independence Day, Back to School — but also plenty of research on the best time of year to buy nearly any item you can imagine. even invented its own shopping holiday called Prime Day, to provide members of its Amazon Prime program with massive discounts.

Beyond specific days, many retailers consistently offer savings as part of their business models. Clothing retailers are most known for offering discounts throughout the entire year, many of which easily compare with holiday discounts. For example, there are great Old Navy coupons to take advantage of all year long, and there is not only a plethora of Kohl’s promo codes but they also put out a weekly ad full of deals on the latest clothing and merchandise.

Get the Best Deals, Not Just The Latest Deals

Just because you see a huge discount on Black Friday doesn’t always mean it is the best deal you will find — a better one could be right around the corner — and knowing the difference can save you a lot of money.

Holiday deals are meant to entice you into buying items on the spot, but doing your homework will give you a better idea of whether you need to act fast or if there’s a better time to buy.

Jon writes for various savings-oriented publications across the web, including and He also has more than 15 years of experience editing, writing, and designing — mostly in the sports department — for newspapers owned by The New York Times. In a previous life, Jon curated sports and entertainment memorabilia auctions for a high-end collectibles business. Currently, he enjoys watching sports, taking family road trips, and helping others save money in their everyday lives.