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Best Times to Buy Anything

best things to buy in january


New year, new you – or something like that. If you’ve made a resolution to get physically fit, spruce up your living space or plan ahead for holidays ahead, this is the best month to save money. And with the Consumer Electronics Show in mid-month, new technology will mean savings on what’s out there now. Here are seven things to snap up in January.

best things to buy february


February isn’t always pretty, but there are some pretty great deals to be found. It’s the month of hearts and flowers, Presidents Day sales and wedding planning. Cash in on some serious mid-winter savings, and take advantage of the wealth of coupon codes for your favorite merchants. That way you can just shop online in the dead of winter.

best things to buy march

March is a big transition month — and for many living in the North, a welcome gift after a rough winter. Celebrate with these 10 items that are typically on sale this month.

best things to buy in april

Many retailers offer steep discounts in April because winter is over, yet summer is a few months away. The best things to buy in April are things you’ll need in the summer, but retailers drop the price so you’ll buy early. Take advantage of these deals to save a lot of money.

best things to buy may

Now that spring is giving way to summer, merchants are discounting stock that has been sitting around to make room for fresh inventory. The month of May brings good deals just in time for a slew of important occasions: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day and graduations. Now is the time to get a jump on the sales, and enjoy even more savings with the many coupons you’ll find online.

When summer weather hits, several types of businesses experience a downswing in sales. This means special offers and discounts are plentiful to keep the cash registers ringing. Not sure what to buy in June? Here are the top summer bargains to add to your shopping list!

best things to buy july

July means fabulous 4th of July sales, but the deals don’t end there. Mid summer is one of the best times to shop for both indoor and outdoor furniture, kitchen appliances, laptop computers, and garden tools, so maybe it’s time to replace that old push-powered lawn mower. Summer clothes are also good to buy in July, so check out your closet and see if you’re missing that essential item you must have in your wardrobe… like a new pair of stylish summer sandals!

best things to buy august

The month of August may signal the winding down of summer, but back-to-school-related bargains are just gearing up. If your state has a Tax-Free Holiday, take advantage and stock up on school supplies and clothing. If not, take a look at these August deals that are as hot as the month itself.

Even if you were planning to save most of your shopping for sales like Black Friday, September is still a great time to get in on last-minute deals that you can’t afford to skip. As the transition month between summer and fall, you’ll see a lot of deep discounts on items like grills, clothing, holiday decorations and more. Piggyback coupons onto your savings from Labor Day through the end of the month and you’ll walk away with some excellent deals.

best things to buy october

Most stores follow a similar pattern when it comes to marking down merchandise, so there is a best time of the year to buy some products. The best things to buy in October are the current year’s models of items stores are looking to sell to make way for next year’s models and seasonal items that retailers do not want to store for the winter.

best things to buy november

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of November? If you’re a shopper, Black Friday and Cyber Monday might be on par with that other day when people eat turkey – what’s it called again? And it’s the month when you’ll find some of the best deals of the year.

best things to buy decemer

Who isn't spending money in December? Between gifts and decorations, you're likely to be shopping constantly. And it seems like everything's a deal, but some are better than others. Whether you're buying for yourself or a loved one, here are December's true bargains -- deals made even better when you shop online and use coupon codes.