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Posted by on Dec 9, 2015 in Shopping | 0 comments

Insider Shopping Tip: That Kohl’s Cash May Not Expire!


It’s a couponer’s insider shopping tip: some stores are better than others about accepting expired coupons. Bed Bath and Beyond is widely known as the best of the best. that 20% off flier seems to work months after official expiration.  What about Kohl’s? It is best known for its generous coupon stacking policy, but it may also be earning a spot among retailers that accept expired coupons. Read this revelation from the blog Enemy of Debt.

Maybe it’s happened to you as well. You get a coupon that will save you a good amount of money and you save it for just the right opportunity to maximize it’s value only to find that you’ve waited too long.

Read the full Enemy of Debt article here.

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