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Posted by on Mar 4, 2016 in Seasonal & Events, Travel | 0 comments

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, Coast to Coast

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us. And while sitting at home crafting and catching up on Netflix shows is nice, this endless span between New Year’s and Memorial Day deserves a getaway. Fortunately, there are major cities with major St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in every region of the country to make it easy for you to have an amazing time. And the festivities are not just on March 17!

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If you’re in the Northeast/New England area, there’s really no other place to go but Boston. I mean, technically you could go to New York City, but Boston has the highest population of Irish residents in the country. With over 20% of Bostonians coming from Irish decent, this is a party that’s taken seriously.

The South Boston Parade is the biggest event with tons of food, beverages and entertainment to make your head spin. Check out the website for the parade route and details.


There are few places in the country that can compare to the deep dedication Savannah has for St. Patrick’s Day. A parade kicks it all off followed by count ‘em, 1, 2, 3 days of celebration on world-famous River Street. Sponsored by Coca Cola and Budweiser, you can show your ID to get a wristband that lets you take your adult beverages to-go while you walk around River Street.

For details on the event and who’s on the schedule for entertainment, click here.


Chicago is so in love with St. Paddy’s that they dye their whole dang river green. Many other cities have attempted to dye their rivers only to get varying shades of pretty much everything but kelly green. Somehow, Chi-town managed to find the perfect recipe and is keeping that thing locked up tighter than nuclear launch codes. Their parade always happens on the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day (or on the Saturday of St. Patrick’s Day when it falls that way).

Since the celebration starts on March 12 this year, you’ve got a whole week to celebrate while seeing the other sites in a beautiful city. This site lays out tons of great places to experience the holiday.


The largest St. Patrick’s Day event in the West, San Francisco hosts an enormous parade made more special by the trolleys. Up and down the famous hills, San Franciscans begin their celebration on Saturday, March 12 and many bars continue the festivities until the following Saturday. That gives you plenty of time to celebrate, recover, sightsee and repeat.

The Irish Bank is a great place to start, and this site can help you find places to keep the good times rolling.

Go Big Before You Go Home

If you really feel like making this your best St. Paddy’s ever, why not head to the Emerald Isle? Browse travel coupon codes for this year’s celebration or next. Aer Lingus serves many major American airports and gets you to Ireland in true Irish fashion with snacks and meals that make Erin go Bragh! With kid’s meals and in-flight entertainment, even the wee travelers will delight.
It’s pretty unlikely that you’ll catch a leprechaun and get your pot o’ gold. But with a little luck and some planning, you can at least get a decent green beer at a great party!

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