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Posted by on Sep 22, 2014 in Halloween | 0 comments

Halloween Ideas That Won’t Spook Your Budget

Halloween is a fun holiday to decorate, no matter if you like cute or spooky decorations. Even if your budget doesn’t allow for new decorations this year, you can decorate inside and outside with some basic supplies and very little money. These Halloween ideas won’t spook your budget, and most of the decorations can be used year after year.


Look through photo albums for your favorite Halloween pictures. Replace the photos you have displayed in your home with these pictures for a one-of-a-kind display. If you have to get photos printed, don’t forget to use a coupon!

You don’t have to be an expert carver to decorate with pumpkins. Use paint, markers, buttons or even glitter to decorate pumpkins for your porch or inside your home.

Create an inexpensive Halloween doormat to welcome guests using acrylic paint and a solid color doormat from a discount store. Freehand draw a picture or use stencils to create a scene and a greeting.

Instead of buying expensive Halloween plates for a dinner party, make your own. Buy inexpensive dishes at a discount store or thrift store. Use ceramic or glass paint and stencils to make your own designs.

Spooky Silhouettes
Cut black Halloween shapes or words out of vinyl with removable adhesive to decorate mirrors and windows. Print out Halloween silhouettes and trace on to the back of the vinyl to get the perfect shape. Tip: When you want to take them off, heat the vinyl slightly with a hair dryer.

Fill clear vases with candy corn or other Halloween candy. Add a candle or flowers for a centerpiece or mantle decoration.

Potion Bottles
Replace your dish soap, hand soap and other bottles with spooky potions. Print potion bottle labels on sticker paper and place on the bottle. After Halloween, remove the label with soap and water so you can decorate the bottle for the next holiday.

Tree Faces
Add fun or spooky faces to your trees outside with modeling clay. Shape the clay into a nose, mouth and two eyes and bake according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use double-sided tape to hang them on the tree.

Line your sidewalk with milk jug luminaries. Clean several milk jugs and cut a hole in the bottom of the jug. Use a black alcohol-based marker to draw a face on the front of the jug. Place a battery-operated tea light or small light strand inside to make the face glow.

Use these Halloween ideas and your imagination to create a Halloween wonderland for your family and friends this year. Your home will look so great, no one will know you were on a budget!


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