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Posted by on Nov 20, 2015 in Holiday, How To | 0 comments

Prevent a Kitchen Crisis with These Thanksgiving Dinner Hacks


OK, let’s talk turkey. With 45 million sold this time of year, there’s bound to be a kitchen crisis or two.

How do you deep-fry a turkey without incinerating it? Exactly how many pounds of bird do you need for 8 people? Why are those fresh cranberries still as hard as marbles? How do you make sure your pumpkin pie crust doesn’t go soggy? 

Dry those tears; there’s an app for that. And a bunch of websites. And customer service phone numbers. You can call your local grocery store for help, but they’re probably a bit overwhelmed on Aisle 3.

Instead, go straight to the source.  Check out this list of Thanksgiving dinner hacks  and resources compiled by Oregon Live. Keep it handy!

You can find answers to many of your questions online. But if you’re a little more old-school, there still are numerous hotlines you can call when a kitchen crisis hits. Keep this list of toll-free numbers and websites handy for help over the holidays.

Read the Oregon Live post here.

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