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Posted by on Nov 17, 2014 in Entertainment, Seasonal & Events | 2 comments

Cozy Up to a Family Game Night

Whether it’s a cold winter’s night or a day off from school, scheduling a family game night is a great way to connect. We’re talking about getting everyone in the same room, not just under the same roof, and sharing some fun times.

This month, Flare and Valpak are teaming up to bring more fun to family nights. Starting November 17, save $24.98 with the promo code ValpakFreeGameKit.* It’s like getting a free month of service plus a free game kit!

Save on Family-Friendly Video Games

Fire up the popcorn, put some hot cocoa on the stove and spread a blanket on the floor. Check out’s extensive list of video games for all ages and interests. There are plenty of family-friendly, light-hearted and educational picks. The system is high-tech yet easy to use, and streamed to your TV instantly. Here are some top family favorites:

Family Fun Challenges

Chainz 2: Solving challenges as a team is a great way to foster togetherness. If your family can’t resist a good puzzle, check out Chainz 2, the follow-up to the popular pattern-matching game.

IMAGE Chainz 2 - Flare

Trine and Trine 2: The brand new release Trine 2 is now available as a follow-up to the original release. It offers adventure, cleverly disguised lessons in physics, and problem-solving opportunities. A good set-up: create a family obstacle course in your backyard or den.

IMAGE - Trine2 - Flare

Tour de France 2013: Take a family bike ride, and then relax by transporting yourselves into the Tour de France. This action-packed simulation game puts you on a pro cycling team competing in realistic stages of this prestigious race.

IMAGE - Tour de France - Flare

Family Video Games for Younger Kids

LEGO Batman and Batman 2: Little ones love color, sound and motion. You, as a parent, like the mind-expanding and imagination-building. Flare features LEGO games for younger children. Let them help the Caped Crusader get the bad guys and save Gotham City.

IMAGE - Batman2- Flare

LEGO Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings: Open up magical worlds LEGO style! Help Harry, Hermione, Ron and the gang use charms and spells through the world of wizardry. Or journey through Middle Earth with Frodo, Galdalf, Aragorn and others. These age-appropriate games fuel the imagination and let kids and parents explore new realms.

IMAGE - LEGO Harry Potter - Flare

Rabbids Go Home:  Try this one: A rag-tag bunch of space bunnies invade Earth and have their sights set on the moon. This “E” rated comedy-adventure game gets wacky when humans try to foil their plan.

IMAGE - Rabbids Go Home - Flare

New Video Games for Teens

Want a happy medium between engaging and age-appropriate? Save on subscriptions to Flare games that are rated “T” for Teens. That means unlimited access for a low monthly fee, and extra discounts that give you an extra free month of service.

Star Defender 4: Challenging space missions, intergalactic battles – Star Defender 4 has plenty of edge-of-the-seat action and adventures. No time for teen eye-rolling here; they’ll have to stay at the top of their game to keep up with this one!

IMAGE - Star Defender 4 - Flare

Last Knight: Gritty heart-pumping action with a touch of Old World courtliness – if this is your family’s speed, do a knight-in-training a favor and help him navigate a magical, medieval world. Enter dangerous jousting matches, battle otherworldly monsters, and lose yourselves in a journey from adventure to adventure.

IMAGE - Last Knight - Flare

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate: The back story of the Dark Knight is revealed in this action-adventure gaming series. A companion to the third installment in a prequel series, it shows early tests of batman’s mettle and supernatural powers. See how he battles a slew of villains unleashed by the crime lord Black Mask.

IMAGE - Batman Arkham Blackgate - Flare

Solitaire Mystery: This is as far from the usual family games of Go Fish and Old Maid as you’re going to get. Work as a family to harness the power of magical cards to keep the world’s oldest deck out of an evil villain’s clutches. It’s a game of wits and strategy that will keep you engrossed.

IMAGE - Solitaire Mystery - Flare

Save Even More on Affordable Home Gaming

FlarePlay is worth considering because it delivers family-friendly video games directly to your TV – more than 125! The games are plug-and-play easy. Because they’re stored online, you can access them any time and never again play the game of “Who scratched the DVD?”

New selections are added every month so you can make family game night a regular event – and save money with this special offer from

This post was sponsored by flarePlay.
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Marie Hickman, Digital Content Writer at Valpak, focuses on what’s new in couponing, money-saving tips, entertaining and home improvement.
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