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Posted by on Feb 24, 2016 in Home & Garden, How To | 0 comments

How to Create a Stress-Free Home Office

home office BTB

Whether you’ve sealed the deal on a work from home job or just want a place to pay bills, decking out your home office will make taking care of business easier on your mind, body and soul. Getting the right things in the room will set you up for success in all your ventures. Check out these items that will make a big difference in your space.


A Dry Erase Board – Keep yourself organized with a big dry erase board good for notes, charts and brainstorming. Buy multiple colors of dry erase markers for color coding and board cleaner for when you need a…well…a clean slate.

Window/Art/Lighting – Staring at a blank wall metaphorically when you hit writer’s block is bad enough. But sitting in a poorly lit room staring at a literal blank wall? That’s no way to get inspired or stay motivated. Try to face your desk so you can glance to your side out a window or look up at picture of family or piece of art that you love. Sometimes your mind needs a break. (Note: Consider how natural light enters the room. If the sun comes brightly through the window, facing your desk directly at the window could be hot and blinding for several hours every day.)

Headphones – A lot of noise and distraction happen around the house, so staying focused can be tough. A good pair of headphones will block out noise and bring in tunes from Spotify or Pandora that will keep your eye on the prize.


Standing Desk – Sitting all day is not good for your health. And frankly, it’s uncomfortable. Get up and get your body moving while staying productive using a standing desk. There’s quite a few out there that range in the hundreds to thousands of dollars. But don’t let a budget stop you from being comfortable. The CEO of Hootsuite invented a $25 standing desk that anyone can afford.

A Really Good Chair – Instinctually, it’s hard to cough up hundreds of dollars for an office chair. But considering you’ll be parking your hiney there for around 40 hours a week, it’s an investment worth making. Look for something that’s comfortable and breathes. Look for one that’s right for your posture and body type. Here are some options.

A Fan – Especially important if you don’t have a window in the room, it’s important to keep the air circulating. Even if it’s a little cold outside, a room will start to feel oppressive if the air isn’t moving. It’s a perfect recipe for misery. Check out these great choices.

A Yoga MatOffice yoga is a thing, people. Sitting at your desk all day is bad for your body. Even if you have a standing desk, you still need to consider doing some stretches to move your muscles. Get yourself a yoga mat and do some moves mid-afternoon to push through the rest of the day.


A Pet Bed – If you’re at home, why not have your pal keep you company? Having another living being in the room can help you keep your sanity and serve as a reminder of the world outside of that office. (Please note this advice may not be applicable for cat owners because cats can be jerks.)

A Timer or Alarm Clock – Set an alarm clock to remind you to take breaks throughout the day and set a firm stopping point for the end of the day. People easily push through their 8 hours when they get into the zone because there is no mass departure of co-workers to snap them out of it. Work your hours, and then stop!
Working in your home office can be a blessing, but it can also leave you feeling trapped if you don’t manage it correctly. Get your home office set up for success with these important accessories!

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