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Posted by on Apr 1, 2016 in Home & Garden | 0 comments

Cute, Practical Playroom Ideas


I once longed for the day that I could move my youngest kid in with my oldest so we’d have a spare room in our house again. HA! Just kidding. Now the “spare” room is filled with toys. When I first started cleaning the rest of the house by moving their toys into the room, it quickly got messy. A couple of tubs to hold some stuff, a corner hammock for stuffed animals and a bookshelf made the place disorganized and hard for them to get to the toys they loved. Here are some tips on how to decorate a playroom so it’s organized and easy for them to play.

Cube Shelves and Canvas Baskets

The first step I took was get a cube shelf from Target with canvas cube bins. The benefit to these bins is that they come in a ton of different colors and brands, so it’s easy to find the right ones to go with your decor theme. I bought two cube shelves with nine spaces each and several canvas bins, leaving some of the 18 spaces empty. I sort toys into each of the bins by category, like musical instruments, cars, dress up clothes  and more. In the empty spaces, I store books. It makes for easier playroom clean up when the kids know everything has its place.

Creative Corner

Chalkboard paint, a hook, a rag, and a bucket. That’s all you need for a creative little space where the kids can let their imaginations run wild. Get chalkboard paint and coat a lower portion of the wall. Once it dries, mount a cute hook on the wall and hang a bucket with colorful chalk. Then, let them loose. They’ll love that they can draw on the walls!

Activity Rugs

With spills and messes and heaven knows what else that can happen in a room for kids, protecting the floor is important. Activity rugs are great way to do that while giving your little ones extra fun at their feet. While many are roads or towns with roads through them, others feature letters, maps or the solar system. Turn the floor into a whole new world.

Playroom Book Nook

While my favorite idea is turning an unused closet into a reading nook, there are lots of ways to give your child a place to read. So don’t stress out if you need the storage space. If you opt for the closet, you just need padding to cover the floors, some shelves for books and lighting and perhaps some whimsical art and quiet white noise. Check out this blog for more ideas.

Make Learning Fun

While you’re planning your toy room decor, keep in mind that your kids are absorbing information all the time. So integrating learning into the decor is a simple way to keep their minds blazing! Try painting the wall with rainbows or multi-colored blocks, adding borders of letters or numbers, hanging art with animals and stenciling shapes on the walls.

A toy room is to kids what a man cave is to your husband. A place where they can escape, be themselves, do things they love and chill out. When you are decorating, keep in mind that big messes mean they were having a ton of fun. And the beauty of a playroom is that you can shut the door so guests can’t see toy mountain!

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