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Posted by on Nov 12, 2015 in How To | 0 comments

Decluttering 101: How to Turn Your Trash into Cash

Decluttering 101-btb

You’re finally ready to tackle decluttering your house. If you think of it as a treasure hunt, you’ll find a lot of resources for finding your stuff a new home. There are charities to take the things that you don’t want but which are still reusable. For the rest, why not earn extra money turning your trash into someone else’s treasure?

The easiest way? Consider having a garage sale or posting to an online yard sale group on Facebook. Just be sure to meet someone in a public place or make sure you’re not alone when you meet the buyer. Porch pickups are popular, but there’s a chance you won’t see the money when you get home. The good news: you can call out offenders in a post to others in the group. 

There’s always eBay if you have the time and organizational skills. It’s possible to sell a wide range of unwanted items from your decluttering project; remember that the site was founded by a fellow who got the idea to sell a broken laser pointer online – and a collector bought it. True story! Now some $2,000 worth of goods are sold every second on this mega-auction site.

If you’re cleaning out the closet, check out re-sellers and online clothing consignment shops like ThredUp.  They’ll actually send you a bag to ship your items for free, and mail you back what didn’t sell (for a small fee).  

Of course, choosing what to keep and what to toss is the hardest part, as The Cheap Diva found:

After some serious digging through boxes tucked away in closets and cabinets I was lucky enough to unearth a beautiful crystal vase that has been packed away and not seen the light of day for years. As lovely as it looks, if I put it on display in my home it would be just another thing to dust.

Read the full article at The Cheap Diva. 


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