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Posted by on Mar 4, 2016 in Savings Advice | 0 comments

Ditch These 5 Things to Save Money

starbucks BTB

Is cutting out life’s little luxuries the best way to save money? We all have stuff we seemingly can’t live without. Taking stock of what’s vital and what’s just nice is important if you want to save money.

For example, you might crave that Starbucks latte as part of your morning routine, or decide you can live with ordering the pods online using Starbucks coupon codes. Or you might want to save even more by making your own cuppa joe using the store brand. It’s up to you.

Here’s a breakdown of some common money-wasters and some substitutes you should consider. 

This article was originally published on Money Crashers.

In many cases, making room in your budget for luxuries can make you happier and healthier. For instance, it can be worth paying for a gym membership if you know it’s the only way you can get yourself to exercise, or splurging on a Disney theme park vacation that will bring you happy memories for years to come.

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