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Posted by on Mar 30, 2015 in Health & Beauty, Seasonal & Events | 0 comments

DIY Bridal Emergency Kit

Think up the worst wedding disaster and you can be sure it’s happened in the history of the world. Not YouTube-viral blunders, but the more pedestrian disasters that happen to fall on a very special day.

There’s no question that a wedding is one of the most complicated affairs you will ever plan, and the more complex it is, the more there is to go wrong. That’s why Valpak is giving away 25 Bridal Emergency Kits as part of its new sweepstakes. If you don’t get lucky and win, you can always make your own kit.

Hint: It’s probably the nicest gift a maid of honor could possibly ever give a bride. Thankfully, a DIY wedding emergency basket also inexpensive to make!

Create a Wedding Emergency Basket
Start out with a sturdy basket and add a few prettily-packaged items ordered from health and beauty websites and online retailers.

Here are some suggestions for creating a DIY Bridal Emergency Kit.

Find a lined basket from Kohl’s, Joann Fabric or even a thrift store. Choose the size that fits your item list.

basket at joann - Copy

Fashion Emergencies
Think of the worst that can happen to a bride on her big day: a torn dress, a broken shoe strap or a disastrous stain. There’s an arsenal for that! Heavy-duty double-sided tape, safety pins, superglue and a small sewing kit can repair a wayward hem, a broken heel or a split seam. A lint roller and spray-on wrinkle remover can also be wedding dress lifesavers. Buy online and save yourself the run-around time.

fashion emergencies

Superglue / Travel-Size Lint Roller / Safety Pins / Sewing KitDouble-Sided Mounting Tape

Coupon Codes:
Home Depot

Beauty Must-Haves
You will need these: pressed powder or oil-blotting papers, touch-up makeup, nail polish, a comb, industrial-strength hairspray and bobby pins. Someone in the bridal party will definitely need tissues. Lots of tissues. A small toothbrush, travel-sized paste, mints and antacid tablets will help with sour stomach. Aspirin or NSAID pain relievers will quell that tension headache long before that first toast! Eye drops for redness or dry-eye are a good idea, too.

beauty must haves topNail Polish / Toothbrush / Pain Reliever / Bobby Pins

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beauty must haves bottom

Oil Blotting Papers / Tissue / Eye Drops / Tums Antacid

Coupon Codes:


Boo-Boos Happen
Bandages should be part of everyone’s everyday kit. Instead of visible patches, consider liquid bandage. This medical-grade superglue covers a shaving nick or a pin stick invisibly. It can also work for a broken fingernail in a pinch. Throw in an emery board and an all-purpose scissor. And for those beautiful bridal shoes you tried on just once – give yourself extra insurance with a comfier spare pair for dancing. Finally, extra tampons. Need we say more?

boo boos happen2

Emery Boards / New Skin Liquid Bandage / Tampons / Sandals

Coupon Codes:
Overstock Drugstore

Why is one of life’s happiest moments so filled with tension? Set a calm vibe before you step out on the white carpet with some spa music, a scented candle or a restful essential oil like lavender.


Headphones / Bluetooth SpeakerEssential Oil & Diffuser / Spa Music CD / Candle

Coupon Codes:
Best Buy
Bed Bath & Beyond

All that time in hair and makeup, plus many more hours before the reception make a blood-sugar lift a necessity. Stash something energy-packed but not too crumbly and definitely nothing colorful or juicy. How about some fresh or frozen grapes? Larabars or other energy bars also work well, along with plenty of flavorful bottled water. Don’t forget cute drinking straws – the better to preserve dress and lipstick!


Sparkling Water / Energy Bar / Straws / Green Grapes

Coupon Codes:
Oriental Trading Company

Crazy Extras You May Not Have Considered
People forget wedding bands – or the ring bearer swallows it (true story). Buy some cheap ones and bring them just in case. Don’t forget an extension cord and portable electronics charger: power goes out and batteries run down. It’s also easy to forget something blue. How about slipping a glass charm onto a bracelet or anklet? Or a temporary tattoo in a discreet place? Finally, sunscreen sticks are a must if you’re planning an outdoor wedding.

crazy extras

Wedding Band Set / Temporary Tattoos / Blue Glass Charm / Extension Cord / Phone Charger / Sunblock Stick

Coupon Codes:
Home Depot

Whether you’re planning a big bash or an intimate gathering, it’s your big day. Don’t take chances! One chance you are encouraged to take, however, is entering Valpak’s Bridal Sweepstakes. One lucky couple will receive a $2,500 dream honeymoon in any Delta Vacations destination in the lower 48 states. Or Pin It to Win It: share your fantasy bridal registry on Pinterest and get a chance to win $1,000. And 25 people will win a professional Emergency Wedding Kit.

 for a printable checklist to build your Wedding Day Emergency Kit!

Marie Hickman, Digital Content Writer at Valpak, focuses on what’s new in couponing, money-saving tips, entertaining and home improvement.

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