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Posted by on Oct 10, 2013 in Halloween, How To | 0 comments

DIY Halloween Costumes on a Budget

Making your own Halloween costumes can not only be an inexpensive alternative to pre-packaged store bought sets, but it also encourages creativity and individuality! Thrift stores, the clearance aisle, dad’s workshop, and your current closet can provide many of the basics you need. With just one or two key store bought pieces and the rest imagination, you’ve got the perfect one-of-a-kind costume. Here are a few ideas for DIY costumes that are sure to please.  I have included ideas for a toddler/baby, a boy, a girl, an adult, and a group.


Bumble Bee 

  • Black sweatshirt and sweatpants
  • Black headband, 2 pipe cleaners and styrofoam balls painted black
  • Wire hanger, black panty hose or tights, elastic or ribbon
  • Yellow tape

– Make stripes on the sweatshirt with the yellow tape.

– Wrap one end of the pipe cleaners on the head band.  On the other end, stick into the styrofoam balls for the antenna.

– Clip off the hook part of the hanger with wire cutters and then straighten out the wire.  Create a figure 8 shape with the wire, and then wrap the black panty hose around the outside (a foot on each wing).  Attach the elastic or ribbon to the center of the “8” to use to tie the wings onto your child’s shoulders.


Jedi (Obi-Wan, Luke)

  • Hooded brown robe (thrift store is great for this)
  • Tan felt
  • Brown scarf or scrap of fabric or wide belt
  • Tan cargo pants and cream colored shirt
  • Pool noodle, black tape, colored electrical tape (or store bought Lightsaber)

– Wear cargo pants and cream shirt. Drape tan felt over neck and then tie the brown fabric/belt over top.

– Top off with robe (if you can only find a white/light robe, use fabric dye to turn brown)

– If you don’t have a toy lightsaber, you can make one with a pool noodle.  Choose blue or green noodle (not red, that’s Darth Vader!).  Then wrap the bottom with black tape and add squares of colored tape on the black for the buttons.


Princess Leia

  • White dress
  • White turtleneck
  • Wide white belt with silver embellishment
  • Brown yarn, brown elastic headband, hot glue
  • Silver or white shoes (white boots even better)

– Embellish a wide white belt with silver “bling”. I used a wide piece of white scrap fabric and wooden craft pieces painted silver and hot glued onto fabric.

– For hair “buns”, create an inch-wide braid of yarn. Hold one end in the center and coil the rest around in a circle (braid lying flat).  Use straight pins to hold while you hot glue the coil in place.  Then hot glue the two flat braid buns on either side of the headband.


Identity Thief

Perfect for an office party.  Write names on all the name tags and attach onto the hoodie and brief case.  Include co-worker, boss and names of neighbors for humor.  Leave one badge to say “IDENTITY THIEF”.



  • Red, Yellow, Green, Blue shirts
  • White long sleeve shirt and pants
  • White gloves
  • White tape or paint

Super easy group costume.  Give each person a different color shirt.  Paint on (or use the tape) to create the “M” in the center of the shirt.  Wear shirt and pants under the colored shirt and top off with white gloves.

Guest blogger Mary Hoover is a DealPro and founder of, a website teaching others how to save more so they can do more living and give more freely. 

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