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Posted by on Apr 8, 2015 in How To, Mother's Day | 2 comments

DIY: Love Notes Box for Mom

mom noteA mother’s job is not always an easy one and she may not always hear how much she is loved or appreciated. Even though we celebrate Mother’s Day once a year, there is a way for you to show your love and appreciation for mom all year through. With a custom love notes box, you can write the many reasons you love her and appreciate her on various slips of paper that go in the box. Each day or week, she can pull out one of the notes to remind her that she is important to you. You can include your favorite memories, quotes or even a simple “I love you.” This can also be a great project for young children to do and can include their drawings, handprints or other crafts. If you’d like, you can include photographs and write the love notes on the back of the photographs. The possibilities are endless!

Supplies needed:

  • An empty tissue box with a pretty design on it
  • Mod Podge
  • Decorative scrapbook paper
  • Pen or printer
  • Embellishments

How to make a custom love notes box:

  1. Cut a piece of decorative scrapbook paper to the size of the bottom of the tissue box.
  2. Flip over the tissue box.
  3. Put a layer of Mod Podge on the bottom of the tissue box.
  4. Adhere the decorative scrapbook paper to the bottom of the tissue box. Make sure to smooth it out to get rid of any bubbles.
  5. Let it dry.
  6. Put another thin layer of Mod Podge on top of the decorative scrapbook paper to seal it (also make sure to smooth it out to get rid of any bubbles).
  7. Let that layer dry.
  8. Create your love notes by handwriting them on individual slips of paper. You can also use a computer to type them, print them and then cut them out individually. You can use the same decorative scrapbook paper as a background for your notes if you want.
  9. Embellish your love notes box with ribbons, stickers, or photos. Print out some quotes and attach them to the box.
  10. Continue to add notes to the box throughout the year as you make more memories with mom.

In addition to being a special gift for Mother’s Day, this can easily be done for Father’s Day, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or even as an easy way to make a memory box for your children.

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Guest blogger Maria Tiongco Ramos is a DealPro and founder of the blog, A Savings WOW! She’s dedicated to helping others learn how to enjoy life without breaking the bank.


  1. I would love to win this prize.
    My mother would use this lovely note box. She writes a lot!!!

    • I dont think you read it right. This is a DIY project not the give away prize.

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