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Posted by on Apr 30, 2014 in Mother's Day | 1 comment

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Painted Wooden Spoons

Mothers-Day-DIY-Gift-IdeaI’ve got a fun Mother’s Day gift idea that kids would love to make for their moms. Gifts from our children don’t have to be expensive because we would love anything they make for us. In fact, homemade gifts are some of my favorite. I love all the effort and time put into something so special just for me. Another favorite gift is one that I can actually use. I love the hand carved clay pots that can hold paper clips on my desk or even a handmade picture frame with their photo in it. Love them!

Here’s another idea that you may enjoy – hand painted wooden spoons! I’m always in my kitchen and I have tons of wooden spoons. They were a bit boring though, until we busted out the acrylic paints! This is such a simple project that even the kids can do. Moms will love it because it’s something they can use and it looks pretty too.

I ended up grabbing this set of wooden spoons at Walmart for only 88¢. Each acrylic paint color was also just under a $1 each. I picked up some matching ribbon for 50¢ too. You could make this super cute gift for just under $5. You could tie the spoons together to stand them in a mason jar.

Items needed to make this project:

  • Acrylic paints of your choice (I used three in this project)
  • Paint brush
  • Painters masking tape
  • Wooden spoons
  • Paper plate
  • Ribbon



1. Start by masking off the spoons with your painters tape. You want to mark off where you want the paint to stop.

2. I squirted a bit of each color out on a paper plate before I started. Then I painted the first color on the spoon handle. The acrylic paints don’t take too long to dry. It only took about 20 minutes for each color.

3. After the first color is dry, start painting the next color. If you want to use the masking tape again be sure the paint is completely dry before taping it on the painted part. I ended up just painting a straight line where I wanted to start.

4. Lastly, paint the final color on the bottom of the handle.

5. Once they are completely dry, they will be ready to wrap in a ribbon or place in a decorated mason jar.

This is a super cute gift idea that I’m certain almost any mom would enjoy. It’s also perfect for those on a budget too.


Jennifer Garza is a DealPro and founder of blog where she shares tips and tricks to saving money and how to score the best deals.

1 Comment

  1. My mom is Greatly careing and had endeared or could say endured most my life chalenging and costly direct and ins and outs of conclusions I’ve have to say I’m saveing for moms rest in future so her needs however big or small because a little bird said to all mothers your Gods most beautiful compisition om this world we all call home so with that said .I deputized all childeren big and small to give back with interest love and kindness she might be missin because of all that you recieved mom cooking and cleaning ,you might stop your fussing and give mom hugs and loves this day when we thank the Lord for our Mothers in May .ty I value mom more than I can say

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