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Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in Home & Garden, How To | 0 comments

DIY Organization for Girls’ Rooms

Kids’ rooms are so much fun to design, but can be pretty difficult to organize since they are always in there playing and, well, often making a mess. With a little creative thinking and repurposing, I’m happy to say that there is not a lot of spending needed to get their stuff under control. Check out these frugal and fabulous ideas to organize your daughter’s room using things you’ll most likely already have in your home.


If you have a little girl, chances are you have a big collection of Barbie, princess, and lots of other dolls. Coming up with an organized way to store them can be tricky. Of course you could just throw them in a basket or bin, but what happens when you’re munchkin wants to play with a certain one? You got it…she dumps them all over the floor. In researching a solution for this, I’ve seen PVC couplings attached to a board which was then mounted onto the wall. The dolls fit perfectly into the couplings and were on display to easily choose whichever dolls were wanted. There was one little problem. Even though $1 per coupling wasn’t a great expense, my daughter has A LOT of dolls. I figured there had to be a less expensive alternative that worked just as good. After some strolling around the dollar store, I found the answer! Shower curtain hooks! The hooks only cost $1 for a pack of 12. Now that’s my kind of price. With the help of my husband, we used 1/2” cable staples to hold the shower rings on a board that we painted to match my daughter’s room. They held the dolls well, and as a bonus the rings lay flat against the board when not in use. We then used screws to attach the board to the wall behind the door in her room. What a great way to make use of empty space!


Another thing that can use some organization in my daughter’s room is her hair accessories. When she was a baby, I used a small plastic container that worked great to hold all of her little barrettes and bows. But now she’s got quite the collection. That container is now overflowing, and similar to the doll situation above, it’s not easy to rummage through them to find the bow that you are looking for. I also wanted a way to get them off of her dresser. The more vertical space I can take advantage of, the better. So, I created an easy wall hanging that her hair accessories could be clipped to.

I started with a simple frame from the dollar store and painted it the color I wanted, in this case lavender sparkle. Since my daughter is a huge Sofia the First fan, that’s the color scheme we went with. I had some left over sparkly purple material from another project so I used that to wrap around the glass after I removed it from the frame. I simply tacked the material down on the back of the glass with some double-sided tape. Then I took pink ribbons and wrapped them around to the back of the glass securing again with double-sided tape. The tape worked fine since once the frame is put back together, that will do most of the work. And that’s it! You have a beautiful and simple frame to hold all of your little darling’s accessories.

Guest blogger Kara Zoeller is a DealPro and founder of She loves showing her readers how to save more of their hard-earned money.

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