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Posted by on May 24, 2013 in How To | 0 comments

Do It Yourself Graduation Gifts

Not much room in your budget for graduation gifts this year? These do-it-yourself ideas make great gifts for recent graduates, whether they are finishing high school or college. Help them celebrate their success and wish them well during the next stage of their lives with these easy to make gifts.

Graduation Gift Ideas


Many young people move to their own place after graduation, so send them off with a collection of great recipes. If the grad is family, ask other family members to write down favorites that you know the recipient enjoys. Include some simple recipes for busy nights after school or work and some appetizer and drink recipes for entertaining. This has the advantage of helping students to save my by not having to eat out at restaurants as often.


Handmade journals make great gifts for both men and women. You can make your own by purchasing a composition notebook or other inexpensive notebook and decorating it yourself. Use double sided tape or scrapbook adhesive to attach scrapbook paper and embellishments on the front of the journal. You can personalize it with the grad’s name and favorite colors.

Picture Frame

Picture frames make great gifts that can be used for several years. Look for wood frames at a craft store or low cost stores such as Walmart and paint it in the grad’s favorite color or cover it with scrapbook paper. You can decorate it with scrapbook stickers, embellishments or paint. Add a favorite photo of the graduate so they will have a keepsake of their younger years as they grow older.

Money Frame

This simple gift is easy to make, and will fit any budget. Instead of giving someone a card with money in it, buy a picture frame and create a collage of money inside it rather than a picture. Once they take the money out, they can put a picture of you in there. You can use any size or style of frame and add any denomination of bills that you want.


Bookmarks are easy gifts to make. Make a simple bookmark by adding a bow on top of a paperclip or covering a binder clip with scrapbook paper. Add an inspirational quote from a favorite book and you have a personalized gift to give to a graduate.

These do it yourself graduation gifts are easy to make, even if you aren’t very crafty. Not only do you save some money on a gift, but the recipient will also get a one-of-a-kind personalized gift that they will always cherish.

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