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Posted by on Jul 12, 2017 in In The News | 0 comments

Embrace Your Geekdom

National Embrace Your Embrace Your Geekness is July 13th. To celebrate it, let’s talk about being a Geek. The definition of geek according to Merriam- Webster is “an enthusiast or expert especially in a technological field or activity.” Want to rep your geek-dom? We can help! Check out the shirts below!

Math Geek
Ok Geeks, now let’s get information.
Nab this geometrically sound shirt for $24 at Busted Tees.



Science Geek
Science enthusiasts keep the chaos under control by keeping an eye on things. Grab this tee for $6 at



Computer Geek
Computer geeks unite! Wear this shirt and we promise you’ll never be asked to provide Tech Support to your friends and family members ever again.
(Ok, we can’t really promise that.) It’s $20 at Busted Tees.



Harry Potter Geek
Attn: Potterheads! Show your geekiness with this subtle reference only true fans will pick up on. Grab this raglan from Hot Topic starting at $26.90.


Doctor Who Geek
The fans of the good Doctor will appreciate the symbolism in this tee.
It’s $20.90 at Hot Topic.



Superhero Geek
This Adamantium tee may seem like a scientific element, but true fans know what’s up. Grab it for $24 at Busted Tees.



Game of Thrones Geek
All Game of Thrones Geeks drink, know things and need this shirt.
It’s only $12.99 at Target.




Alyssa is a Marketing Specialist at Valpak specializing in social media, who loves Harry Potter, writing about nerdy things, and her “fur-babies” Tank, Crash and Kai. Follow her on Twitter @Mlyssailes