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Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Guest Posts | 0 comments

Expert Black Friday Shopping Secrets

Shopping on Black Friday can be one of two things: hugely rewarding or extremely frustrating. Huge crowds, long lines and sales at every glace is enough to make even the most experienced shopper’s head spin.

The good news is that there are ways that you can prepare to make this year’s biggest shopping holiday of the year a successful one.  Here are some veteran Black Friday shopper secrets to save both online and in-store this year.

Expert Black Friday Shopping Secrets

Online Black Friday Shopping Tips

During the past three years we have seen a huge increase in the number of Black Friday
deals available online. Shoppers that would rather skip the crowds and shop from the comfort of their homes now have no shortage of bargains to choose from online.

The key to online Black Friday shopping is to be prepared to shop early. Black Friday deals are expected to start going live as early as the day before Thanksgiving, so make sure to do your research on when your favorite stores will be launching their sales for the big day. Follow the updates of your favorite money saving blogger to get some help in staying updated as the sales go live.

In addition to the advertised online Black Friday sales, there are often opportunities to stack coupon codes on top of the deals them even better. Use websites like to check for coupon codes for the websites you’re shopping on.

Be aware that rock bottom priced sale items will be selling out quickly. Once you get an item in your cart, make sure to check out as quickly as possible to prevent the item from selling out before you can purchase it.

In-Store Black Friday Shopping Tips

If you’re a shopper that just cannot resist the beckoning of the holiday spirit in the stores this year, there are also some things that you can do to prepare to brave the Black Friday crowds.

Your first step should be to do a little recon the day before Thanksgiving so you know exactly where to go in the store for the item or items that you are looking for. Talk to the store employees to get inside information on how that store’s Black Friday system works. Ask things like “Do you hand out tickets to those waiting in line?” and “How early do people usually start lining up?” These details will help you to be a step ahead of other less prepared shoppers.

If you have more than one store that you would like to get door-busters from consider creating a shopping team of friends and family so you can divide and conquer several stores at one time. You’ll also want to make sure that the people you are shopping with you have the same objectives in mind. There is nothing worse than getting all pumped up for the big day only to find out that your shopping buddy would rather kick back and relax in the food court or spend an hour trying on fifteen pairs of jeans in the dressing room.

Regardless of if you are shopping with a team or on your own, you’ll want to make sure to shop with a plan and set your priorities based two factors: what you need the most and where you’re saving the most. As they do every year, there will be some items that will sell out very quickly on Black Friday. Make the items that are more likely to sell out a priority in your shopping plan. The probability of items like socks, slippers and clothing selling out is less than TVs, cameras and laptops.

Once you’ve got your shopping plan together you’ll be ready to hit the stores. Make sure to dress comfortably as Black Friday is not about fashion. Trust me; you’re going to be happy you wore your tennis shoes after a few hours of standing in line and shopping.

Whether you’re shopping online or in the stores this Black Friday, sticking to a budget is key. There will be plenty of temping sales to be found, but remember that a deal is only a “good deal” if it is on your shopping list and something that will not cause you to go over budget.

Guest blogger Jennie Sanford is a DealPro and founder of Bargain Blessings, a website helping others keep their hard earned money in their pocket.

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