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Posted by on Sep 9, 2014 in Fashion, Shopping | 1 comment

Fall Fashions 2014

As the leaves wither, the fashion magazines balloon with new styles and inspirations. It’s how some know for sure that September has arrived! Whether your taste runs to haute couture or chic and cheap, you’ll find plenty of deals in September, and coupons to expand your wardrobe on a budget.

Right-Now Clothing Steals
When clothing stores stock for fall and winter, those older clothes need to go somewhere. No, you can’t wear that clearance beach sarong to the office (unless you’ve figured out how to where anything, anywhere), but there are racks and racks of looks that easily transition to fall.

What’s Hot for School Clothes
Sure, you’ve already done your back-to-school shopping, but kids need to see what everyone else is wearing and then add to their wardrobe. Besides, school pictures will be taken before you know it! For girls, rings are the new bracelets and old-school backpacks make carrying those binders almost fun. Check out the latest looks like this pink and white Grafea backpack from ASOS:

IMAGE pink leather backpack Asos

Skinny and distressed jeans won’t be leaving anyone’s closet anytime soon. Have too-short ones cuffed to create the new boyfriend shorts, like these available at Saks Fifth Avenue:

IMAGE Boyfriend shorts Saks com

Add white-on-white sneakers paired with graphic tees. Pair a mod skater dress like this one from Charlotte Russe with opaque tights and black flat boots for age-appropriate fashion flair.


Gotta Have “The Hair”
For young men – blazers, graphic tees, black skinny jeans and black high-tops look trend-right with quiff hairstyles (think of the pompadour back in the day). If your teen girl is spending more time on YouTube, she might be watching the popular DIY video series known as Get Ready with Me to learn how to create waterfall hairstyles and intricate braids. Find hair salon coupons to get the look without hair-raising prices.

IMAGE girls braid hairstyles

Fall Fashion Trends
Pastels – especially pink – and bright colors compete with graphics and animal prints like these Steve Madden slip-on sneakers from Macy’s. Providing all the comfort of a sneaker, yet adding a fun pop of color to your fall wardrobe:


Add some sixties kitsch and metallic tones, and you’ve got fall fashion 2014 down pat. If you’re into classic, black-and-white look as crisp as the autumn air. Check out this skater dress from Kohl’s:

IMAGE blackandwhitedress-Kohls

Of course, there’s always a surprise or two in any season, and this year – according to some – it will be the reinvention of 1970s trends: track bottoms, jeans with patches, and gaucho pants like these from Macy’s:

IMAGE black gaucho pants Macy's

Save Money on Fall Looks
Even if you don’t live near major stores or that trendy boutique you keep hearing about, you can find a similar style at a more affordable store, find an online deal, or check clearance websites such as Last Call Neiman Marcus. Print a store coupon, use a promo code for an online boutique, or download a mobile app for your favorite department store. Be ready for the fall fashion season and be thrifty at the same time.

Marie Hickman, Digital Content Writer at Valpak, focuses on what’s new in couponing, money-saving tips, entertaining and home improvement.

1 Comment

  1. Like your “boyfriend shorts” idea for repurpose of old jeans. Most shorts in the stores are to short to meet dress code (thankfully) so I can give my daughter option like this. Thanks for the idea!

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