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Posted by on Jun 15, 2015 in Entertainment, Seasonal & Events | 1 comment

Family-Friendly 4th of July Party Ideas

A low budget doesn’t mean your party can’t be as fun filled and remarkable, or the food any less tasty. Actually, a party costing less offers a lot more. If you plan ahead of time you can have a 4th of July party that nobody will forget.

It’s important that you do not wait until the last minute to try and put everything together. You will likely forget something very important. Instead, begin early and plan everything out. Being prepared does really make a difference when throwing a successful party. It’s too difficult to put everything together at the last minute, and most times friends that you wish to invite will already have plans.

Additionally, if you are looking for some creative 4th of July party ideas, you have first got to have this in mind – your party must reflect your personality and what this national holiday means to you! If, for instance, this is the time of year you celebrate family, then a reunion may be right up your alley. Use a map of the states and a corkboard to enable family members put pins where they reside and star stickers where they have visited.


Here are some additional ideas for a festive fourth:

1. Invitations
The first step in planning your 4th of July invitation is to get a theme. You’re better off getting a theme which is the similar to your party for consistency. Some common themes that you could consider include picnic, barbecue, pool or beach parties, fireworks and the old standard of stars and stripes. Make sure you integrate the parts of your party theme into the invitation by including complementary pictures, text and color combinations.

You should keep the color scheme of your design simple to create an elegant and attention catching invitation. Choose colors that feature the theme of your party along with the holiday. Be mindful of having too many colors, which can make your invitation look quite busy. You can use different shades of white, red and blue for a twist on the vintage 4th of July color theme.

To give your invite an impressive touch, ensure you use the right words that suit your party style and theme. This is your opportunity to attract your guests with innovative and fun patriotic phrasing. You may try things like, “Join us for fireworks, fun and meals on July 4th” or “The best ingredients for a July 4th party is white, red, blue and YOU!”

Before delivering your invitations, make sure you include all the necessary details of the party. Details like date (which is clear), location, time and contact number are quite crucial. Remember to send your invites early enough to give your guests enough time to confirm or reject attendance.

2. Giving Your Gathering Meaning
4th of July is a great privilege, giving your events more meaning! Your party can serve double duty by gathering items wanted by soldiers overseas to make a box in celebration of all that you have. The regional military posts always have lists of items that soldiers need and want overseas. This is a day of celebration, and naming the items you cherished may be fun if you send those ideas skyward with a shout as each firework explodes. Kids particularly love getting in the action.

Another idea is creating a 4th of July version of Jeopardy. It could be geared towards adults or kids. For the kids you may give out prizes per question. They can be a piece of candy or white, red and blue star stickers and the final winner can get a small American flag. Questions should not be too tricky and geared toward the age group.

3. Food and Entertainment
Grilling and a picnic are popular ideas because the weather is nice and almost everyone wishes to enjoy the summer sun. Water events can cool things down poolside, or even in your back yard with a water gun fight or water balloons flying all around. If your party requires a more inventive spin, have your own concert on the deck or lawn. Small home karaoke devices and a basic draping of fabric can change your event into dinner and a show.

If your party ideas depend on good weather and the forecast calls for rain, your karaoke could be moved inside. A great party could even be to have a red, blue and white movie watching. Select movies with a target on American landmarks, freedom and history. Sundaes and popcorn make tasty movie sweets, particularly when offered with decorative candy toppings.

4. Party Game Ideas
The first game embraces your inner child, ask all party guests to join in a parade. You can buy streamers, balloons and party horns from the dollar store. Have them readily accessible for your attendees or you could ask if they bring their pre-decorated cycles or skateboards with them. Have prizes ready to present for the funniest, most creative and best all-around parade goer.

Another exciting party game is a balloon moving game. Again, getting the colors of white, red and blue would be in order. All your party attendees can play this game and you may either play as groups, adults against children, males against females, or just play every man for themselves in a straight line. The first person will use their hands to move the balloon to the 2nd person, who passes it with his legs to the following person, having to pass the balloon with the use of his/her neck. Another game is to move it to music, like musical chairs and the person who ends up with the balloon after the music stops is out. The last one standing is the overall winner.

5. Fireworks Idea
You can have your guests help arrange those that get set off. You need to be very careful though because in some areas blowing off fireworks at home is unlawful and you must ALWAYS have an adult as the technician setting them off, not the children.

Everybody wants to have some form of fireworks, but there are actually laws in some towns against folks setting their own fireworks. You may give out party favors of snaps and sparklers that make sound when you place them to the ground for the visitors to captivate themselves. Managing to get a fantastic spot for your  to watch your town or city’s fireworks show is often a plus.

Using these ideas will help you prepare out your party so it can go smoothly and without spending a fortune. Preparing ahead makes things much easier and it can help make your 4th of July party one that everybody will have fond thoughts of for a very long time.

Guest blogger Melissa King is a DealPro and founder of savings blog, She’s dedicated to sharing the best deals, honest reviews, and advice with moms from around the country and Military bases overseas. 

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